BJP can’t rule India until 2024 as 70 % Indians can’t bear more BJP rule

BJP can’t rule India until 2024 as 70 % Indians can’t bear more BJP rule

“Zinda Khowm Zyada Der Intezar Nahi Karti”. Means brave people cannot wait for long. BJP can’t rule India until their term finishes in 2024 because Indians are not willing to bear BJP more. About 70% of Indians are against BJP and fed up listening to BJP’s lies. It means that protests are not only against 3 Acts; CAA, NRC or NPR but also against BJP. People want BJP to be ousted from governing or ruling India as soon as possible.

70% Indians believe that every rise has a fall and it looks BJP will succumb to their own created web. BJP’s web of hatred hitting back to the party and BJP will not last long. “BJP hatao, Desh Bachao” (Remove BJP & save India) keep saying over 70% of Indians.

Reporters and journalists or anchors of mainstream media not even covered BJP’s single crime. BJP kept on using mainstream media in their favor to hide their day to day crimes. It’s absolute arrogance by BJP leaders that they stood unmoved over helpless people peacefully protesting for their rights. No protest against CAA, NRC or NPR in India proved to be violent as BJP claims. They can manipulate anything to their favor but people of Delhi taught them a strong lesson.

When BJP leaders called Arvind Kajriwal as terrorist then the PM of India was silent. And now he says BJP lost in Delhi because people of Delhi are not bothered about national integrity. “Delhi people want good facilities rather than fighting for Hindu Nation. They’re selfish”. Said BJP spokesperson.

Yes BJP can’t rule until 2024 as their own spreading of hatred will shake BJP in 2021. And yes, BJP can’t rule for more time to see the new year of 2023 and BJP will be finished by then.

Khalid M Raza

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