Friday, December 1, 2023
Indian high commission gets Nizam’s money to help BJP for more crimes?

Indian high commission gets Nizam’s money to help BJP for more crimes?

Indian high commission in London after UK court favored India over Pakistan, has finally received huge money. The money amounts to Millions of pounds to the tune of over 365 Cr. This amount of Nizam’s huge money had been stuck in a British bank account and the dispute is solved now. The Indian high commission has received Nizam’s money share on Thursday as the amount was stuck since partition.

Pakistan also claimed the money as the battle was on in the court of Westminster since Sept 20, 1948. Though Pakistan paid Indian government about 3 Million pounds (26 Cr INR) against 65% of India’s legal costs.

India’s share from the sum amounting to 35 Million pounds is significant and will be remitted to New Delhi soon. Earlier, Nizam also donated huge sum of money for India’s progress amounting to tonnes of Gold. BJP is pleased that the UK court is set to transfer the amount in favor of India. Reports of Nizam’s enriching India has been hidden so far.

Nizam and his grand children helping India to revive economy and for Education through Nizam Trust. Osmania Medical College in Hyderabad and many other institutions across India are benefited from Nizam Trust.

However, BJP is silent over many benefits from Muslims in India to Indian govt. Most business and educational institutions in India are progressing with Muslims playing key roles. However, BJP still troubling Muslims in India and with BJP’s citizenship acts. Thus, entire India will be in trouble if BJP keeps playing their dirty politics.

Khalid M Raza

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