BJP terror needs Supreme Court strict action to stop BJP troubling innocents

BJP terror needs Supreme Court strict action to stop BJP troubling innocents

The law & order situation in India can be very well tackled if Supreme Court stands against BJP terror. Miscreants wearing saffron colored clothing are accused for vandalism and creating violence. Yes, they might be from Bajrang-dal, Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) or RSS but their root is BJP terror.

BJP often is the root for various terror outfits to create violence & hurt innocents without any fear of getting caught. RSS is let free to do whatever it wants to and often RSS is guided by BJP to attack innocents. There are cases of mob lynching & violence including rapes kept on increasing under BJP. There should be a proper action against miscreants rather than arresting innocents on the basis of their peaceful protests.

BJP terror is responsible for creating violent incidences across the nation. There are over 80% of BJP leaders having criminal records. And as per Supreme Court’s action against these criminals it would also be better to stop troubling innocent lives.

Criminals from BJP’s one of the terror outfit also found troubling innocents at Kondapur in Hyderabad. They were from Bajrang Dal and their violence over troubling innocents disclosed on Feb 14. Feb 14 is Christian’s celebration of valentines day. And BJP activists reportedly abused people celebrating valentines day.  

BJP Terror Creates Violence in India

Thus, troubling Christians or Muslims or any minority should be condemned. No outfit belonging to BJP can take law in their hands. Whatever any minority do to celebrate any event is always their matter and shouldn’t be taken as offense.

A video also is evidence of atrocities by BJP over innocent students beaten up in the Jamia library. Today, it was disclosed by NDTV. Look at the video by clicking the following


BJP used RSS against innocent Jamia students. The ‘RSS police’ entered the library of Jamia Millia Islamia and started beating the students studying peacefully there. It’s worrisome to know such crimes on innocents under the BJP rule. 

Yes, Supreme Court demanded the BJP to furnish a report over their leaders given tickets even after having criminal records. This means that Supreme Court is taking action to make India a peaceful country. But, the Court should take immediate action against BJP terror. This will put BJP under pressure as BJP regrets losing Delhi because of shouting “Goli Maro” (Shoot).

Amit Shah earlier expressed that it was unfortunate. But he never felt guilty when he was against peaceful protesters and used Shaheen Bagh in their election campaign. The Supreme Court said that protesters against CAA are not anti national. This way Court indirectly exposed BJP’s terror and this needs to be stopped with further investigations.

Khalid M Raza

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