Thursday, November 30, 2023
Supreme Court of India to take action against Criminal Politics of BJP

Supreme Court of India to take action against Criminal Politics of BJP

Supreme Court is supreme to act justly against the atrocities carried out by BJP over Muslims in India since 2014. Majority of Indians currently acknowledging to what Supreme Court of India asked BJP to furnish. The Supreme Court ordered BJP to explain about BJP leaders having criminal records. Plenty of BJP leaders guilty of committing various crimes and are ineligible to get tickets for contesting in elections. This is against the law and Supreme Court of India demands BJP to stay away from criminal politics. Further, CAA, NRC or NPR will be revoked. A reliable source claimed this.

No changes taken place at Babri Masjid’s site as further dismantling of Masjid has not been taken up yet. BJP has not yet started constructing Ram Temple even though the Supreme Court allowed BJP to do so. But, this time Supreme Court will favor the majority against the minority of BJP followers. Majority of Indians are fed up with BJP and it looks BJP’s downfall is inevitable. Many petitions on CAA, NRC or NPR has been filed against BJP in the Supreme Court.

  • It’s important to know that protests from large population across India will be useful. And BJP will step down as it will be exposed.  
  • BJP’s hate speeches working not in their favor. India needs a secular govt and Indians will not accept fascism.
  • Indians will not believe even if BJP play’s their cards of benefiting Indians with better facilities. Thus, BJP’s downfall will be declared soon as Supreme Court of India to take action against BJP.

Khalid M Raza

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