India wants to push Pakistan from FATF’s grey list to get blacklisted

India wants to push Pakistan from FATF’s grey list to get blacklisted

What India wants as revenge from enemy country Pakistan cannot be justified. India wants to trouble Pakistan and the neighbor’s progress under the peaceful govt of Imran Khan. Imran Khan wants peace as he already expressed peaceful gesture by releasing Indian wing commander Abhinandan Varthaman. India targeted Pakistan’s vacant area during early 2019 period before elections in India.

India’s surgical strikes only damaged trees and atmosphere as Pakistan captured India’s Wing Commander. However, Imran Khan as a peaceful gesture released Indian Wing Commander after capturing him.

Indian media created stories from their fake excitement to express happiness along with viewers claiming India killed 325 terrorists. But, later it was proved that only trees were damaged. Now, in what terms India wants to take revenge against Pakistan? It’s the question that leaves many argue not by favoring Pakistan even though Pakistan currently has a peaceful leader.

Imran Khan is regarded as the world’s best leader by the Pakistani minorities. Yet, India wants to push back Pakistan towards blacklist in FATF and India is keenly focused over this intention. FATF is Financial Action Task Force upon money laundering and involves deep investigation of terrorism in any country. Thus, going in blacklist for Pakistan can please India as we hate Pakistanis but their leader should be appreciated at last.

Khalid M Raza

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