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Losing job never hurts this man – A real time story – Grab it for FREE

Losing job never hurts this man – A real time story – Grab it for FREE

Smith claims that he’s so much advanced that people often trouble him by behaving anciently. This complaint is not clear to look into it to sort out problems of Smith losing job. An arrogant personality and not enough matured is what Smith is all about. He cares not in losing job but sooner or later he’s capable to find another job. Thus, Smith rocks but loses his jobs and finds jobs after been jobless for about couple of months. He used to lose jobs because of his advanced behavior disliked by his colleagues.  

He’s in marketing field and works as marketing executive. He has lot of experience in marketing so he gets jobs whenever he gets bankrupt. He used to survive for a period of 3 months without working and having just bananas as his food. Smith smokes a lot of cigarettes per day but he knows very well that cigarette smoking is injurious. When he’s jobless he cannot afford to buy cigarettes. So, this time he thinks about his future and tries hard to get a better marketing job as losing jobs not a worry for him.  

Yes, he gets yet another job and with lot of patience towards working to get his first salary in this job, he thinks. He thinks for a while to quit smoking and visits a physician and explains him about his weakness of smoking.

The well known physician advises him to visit ‘No More Smoking’ center. Obliged with the advise of the physician, Smith visits ‘No More smoking’ Center. There, he speaks all about himself and when prescribed some medicines and then guided to do an exercise too. Smith anyhow quits smoking and becomes short tempered for a while. He’s again about to be losing this job too.

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