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Spacecraft made of animal bones to reach over Sun as per NASA report

Spacecraft made of animal bones to reach over Sun as per NASA report

This amazing spacecraft is British made and partly made of animal bones. It’s on a mission to take highly detailed photographs and measurements of  the sun. Spacecraft is designed in such a way that it can capture first ever pictures of mysterious poles.

Solar orbiter’s mission expected to last for 10 years. And with advancement of solar science, the mission expected to be successful.

“No one ever have taken images this close to the Sun before”. Said Helen O’Brien at Imperial College London. Helen O’Brien will manage the magnetometer instrument on NASA’s involvement.  

Spacecraft to Photograph the Sun

“We will see some unbelievable images soon,” she told. The spacecraft is equipped with ten instruments to photograph the sun and examine its magnetic activity.

The orbit’s angle will provide the first clear glimpses of the sun’s north and south poles. Nobody can view from Earth as our planet orbits roughly in line with the celestial body’s equator. Firstly, the Solar Orbiter will perform unprecedented close-up observations of the sun. It will then provide the first images of the uncharted polar regions.

The Solar Orbiter needs to be kept cool. So, it is equipped with a 150 kg heat shield to reflect and guide heat away from the spacecraft. This enables the Orbiter to withstand up to 520 C (970 F). “We’ve got a combination of telescopes which will look at the surface of the Sun and really see what’s going on. And then a suite of instruments which will measure the solar wind as thrown off the Sun”. Said Helen O’Brien.

This is an unbelievable story and needs appreciation from you for our research in bringing this post to you.

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