Saturday, December 9, 2023
India is collapsing under BJP as major companies bearing huge losses

India is collapsing under BJP as major companies bearing huge losses

BJP created an atmosphere to keep Indians busy over protests against their so called 3 Acts. Some people are diverted to support BJP’s CAA, NRC or NPR but the fact is India is collapsing. The BJP govt also raised Pakistan’s issues and discussed about Pakistan in their speeches. They claimed Pakistan as their worst enemy. But, what about joblessness rise in India. Economy not yet revived and a heavy surge noticed in Indian Rupee against Dollar.

Hindu – Muslim strategy very well played by BJP to get favor from BJP followers. And BJP leaders speak whatever they like against Muslims. Is it not worth to know how India is collapsing?


  • The external debt of India is over 500 Billion dollars.
  • Vodafone is in loss of about 50,000 Crores.
  • Airtel is in loss of over 23000 Crores.
  • BSNL is in loss of over 14000 Crores.
  • MTNL is in loss of 755 Crores.
  • BPCL is in loss of 750 Crores.
  • SAIL is in loss of 286 Crores.
  • AIR INDIA is in loss of over 46000 Crores.
  • Spice Jet is in loss of over 463 Crores.
  • Indigo is in loss of over 1062 Crores.
  • India Post is in loss of 15000 Crores.

  • GMR Infra is in loss of ₹561 Crore.
  • YES Bank is in loss of ₹600 Crore.
  • Union Bank is in loss of ₹1190 Crore.
  • PNB Bank is in loss of ₹4750 Crore।
  • Axis Bank is in loss of ₹112 Crore.
  • J P  Group  finished
  • Videocon  bankrupt
  • Aircel & Docomo is dead

  • Tata Docomo perished
  • Jet Airways closed

5 airports sold to Adani & More

  • Railways are on sale
  • Heritage Renting Heritages including Red Fort
  • Nationalized Banks Merged: Many nationalized banks have merged, many branches have literally closed,
  • ATM Rooms: Huge numbers of ATM Rooms are shutdown, 
  • All Banks incurring huge losses.
  • 36 largest debtors missing from country.
  • Rs 2.4 lakh crores loan waived off to few Corporate.
  • BSNL may cut 54,000 more jobs.
  • 1 million to be laid off in Auto Industry.
  • Maruti is being largest car manufacturer reduced its production.
  • Car Inventory: Rs 55000 crores car inventory lying at factories, with no buyers.
  • Millions unemployed due to Demonetization.
  • Highest unemployment in 45 years.

Thus, it’s highly annoying that BJP made India as a weakest Country. India is Collapsing under BJP. No Excuse at all for misguiding Indians towards communal issues as imposed by the BJP govt.

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