Where is Underworld Don Dawood Ibrahim and What he is Doing?

Where is Underworld Don Dawood Ibrahim and What he is Doing?

Dawood Ibrahim is claimed by experts as the most dangerous Underworld Don. He’s currently not in Pakistan. His involvement with current Pakistan govt is no more as he’s operating his businesses from Mumbai. He’s not currently living in Mumbai. Underworld Don Dawood Ibrahim is most wanted because of his criminal activities including money laundering.

Dawood Ibrahim was responsible for bombings in Mumbai in 1993. He took revenge over massacre of thousands of Muslims after Babri Masjid’s demolition. Muslims were killed & raped by terror outfit RSS & Karsevaks. And under LK Advani’s guidance of demolishing Babri Masjid.

Muslim scholars and Islamic preachers treat Dawood Ibrahim as a Criminal & a sinner. He’s considered as a worst Muslim because Islam cannot accept revenge but defending against oppressors is as good as Jihad.

Jihad means to struggle and fighting with oppressors. So, in Islamic teachings Dawood Ibrahim’s revenge against BJP or RSS has been considered as a big sin.

However, Dawood Ibrahim is not in Pakistan. But Indian govt claims that he’s residing in Pakistan. It’s also unknown that whether he’s still in Mumbai or not. A Spokesperson Muhammad Faisal revealed this report about Dawood Ibrahim.

America had declared Dawood Ibrahim as a global terrorist following his Mumbai bombings. The American govt tried hard to find the Don’s location but failed in doing so. He’s married to Bollywood actress Mandakini.

He was very close to many Bollywood celebrities. Reports also claim that Dawood Ibrahim can do anything at any part of the World. He’s the most dangerous Underworld Don in today’s World. However, his crimes haven’t been proved and still American govt is hunting him.

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