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Faster Zomato failed to deliver food as customer waited for 3 hours

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Talks were on and people used to claim that faster Zomato is better than slower Swiggy. But Swiggy is rocking and it’s not shocking. A report pops up suddenly, and a customer was troubled by faster Zomato. The customer waited for almost three hours and Zomato failed to deliver food. Zomato was supposed to deliver the food in 30 minutes but it cancelled the order without informing the customer. Thus, hungry customer almost fainted but Swiggy saved him.  

When his brother comes home and finds him lying down and then immediately his brother notices the brutality of Zomato. He, then uses Swiggy and orders the food. And as promised Swiggy took only 25 minutes and delivered the food and saved hungry man. Zomato’s claims of being faster than Swiggy shouldn’t be believed because Zomato is faster but not reliable.

Khalid M Raza

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