Deepika Padukone killed depression when friends ignored her medication

Deepika Padukone killed depression when friends ignored her medication

Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone was depressed for some weeks until she got awareness of this mental illness. Her friends and family members treated her normally and were equally concerned about her behavior. She was used to be jolly and talkative before she was struck with depression.


Her affairs ancluding Ranbir Kapoor and many other “gentlemen” created trouble in her lifestyle. Whenever she was alone she was used to think about how she was ditched. She never bothered about the outgoing men from her life but her intent was so tense that she used to feel sad.


Probably, Ranbir Kapoor was the most important person in her life and she was fond of him. But, when he ignored her then she felt so bad that it touched her senses and left her in sadness. However, she never stopped working for Films in her way towards reaching top level.


Gentleman Ranveer Singh saw the beauty sitting quietly and he was shocked to see star actress Deepika Padukone silent. He was working with her for a Bollywood Film and so he thought he can help her to smile. He made a habit to make Deepika Padukone smile or even laugh to his movements and use of funny words.


Deepika Padukone lives Normal Joyful Life

That helped a bit to make Deepika to work better as an actress but she was still depressed. Her friends & family members noticed that her quietness is abnormal as she used to be very jolly. So, they took her to a psychiatrist and from there, there’s no looking back.

Yes, she’s still on medication and behaves normally and is not at all depressed. Her jolly days returned to her and she married Ranvir Singh. Deepika Padukone feels she had to bear a lot with her depressed mind but now she’s perfectly alright.

She’s hot and even more stunning. Currently on medication but her friends and family members helping her to maintain her sleeping cycle. Depression causes sleeplessness or insomnia but she’s on medication and so she can sleep better with intake of after dinner medicines. These depression medicines not only provide a sound sleep but also are anti depressants and mood elevators. The medicines help the depression patients live a normal life and with a sound sleeping cycle.

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