Police supervised offenders in Delhi to destroy poor Muslim belongings

Police supervised offenders in Delhi to destroy poor Muslim belongings

Delhi Police once again found guilty of playing another horrible role. Police supervised and helped the offenders to destroy properties including burning Muslim homes. This was carried on until the damage to Muslim lives and properties reached a substantial level. Thanks to the Delhi police. It’s a shame that yet again poor people are targeted. It is shocking to know that poor people are the spinal chords of the nation irrespective of belonging to any religion.  

Brutality of the police supervised attack should be taken further for Supreme Court to take action against. The perpetrators must be punished and law and order should be restored. Policemen should behave to curb and eliminate violence rather than helping the violent mob.

It was a planned drama played by BJP sitting quietly until everything gotten damaged. Delhi bled profusely and this shouldn’t be taken forward further to other parts of India. If BJP does the same act again in other parts of India then they’ll be in further trouble. What happened was happened but Muslims in India are not living as cowards and they know how to teach strong lessons.

Khalid M Raza

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