How 10 Crore minorities will be homeless if BJP applies CAA after NPR?

How 10 Crore minorities will be homeless if BJP applies CAA after NPR?

BJP did their best to play with the minds of the people of India. They’ve favored a handful of religions. And still remains Atheists and people from various other religions including Muslims in particular. BJP’s policy to revoke citizenship status of Muslims in India goes to a great extent. They will create an atmosphere, where at least 10 Crore minorities will be troubled. These minorities include people from all religions as BJP wants to seize Indian citizenship from the poor Indians. Rich Muslims will be Indian citizens but will be regarded as second class citizens of India. Overall, it’s expected that about 10 Crore minorities will be affected.

 About BJP & 10 Crore Minorities

BJP’s criminal activities has been highlighted by the foreign media as Indian media kept on supporting BJP. Delhi’s violence were well planned. And even AAP (Aam Aadmi Party) preferred to remain silent. AAP did not accused BJP for carrying out well planned attacks with effect from Kapil Mishra’s hate speech. Thus, AAP is defending against further such attacks by the BJP perpetrators in Delhi. Selected Muslim homes and Muslims were destroyed and the BJP left other people from various other religions safe. BJP did this criminal act in Delhi to make Muslims afraid of further such actions.

However, the BJP govt is not aware that Muslims has the ability to fight for justice in their own country. Muslims are still fighting for a good cause. This needs to be understood. If BJP is successful to implement NPR and CAA then about 10 Crore minorities will suffer. We at inhandwriter are bothered over BJP’s crimes. And we’ve already published many posts against BJP for global awareness of their crimes.

We cannot provide the exact figure of the minorities to be suffered under BJP. The govt is playing their own games as they want to. Our responsibility is to furnish the posts as simple as possible. We’re glad that many of our posts already reached to foreign countries as our global awareness is still on the rise. However, there are still large number of selfish rich and middle class Muslims. And they’re trying hard to procure the required documents while poor people then will be targeted by BJP. Thus, 10 Crore minorities including a large number of poor Muslims will be homeless if BJP applies CAA after NPR.

Khalid M Raza

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