Thursday, November 30, 2023
Hyderabad is next target after Delhi as Muslims not prepared to defend

Hyderabad is next target after Delhi as Muslims not prepared to defend

Inside sources confirmed that Hyderabad is next target for the BJP for horrifying Indian Muslims. How true might be the sources whether inside or not needs to confirmed later on. However, Muslims in Hyderabad are not prepared to fight for their defense. And it’s been told by all Imams in the Mosques of Hyderabad to worship more and seek Almighty’s help. Yes, it’s recommended that Muslims in Hyderabad shouldn’t worry but at the same time be prepared.  

Hyderabad Muslims should pray and seek the help of the Almighty and should be able to defend. Defending our families and ourselves is itself a great deed and this is called struggle. If Muslims keep struggling over protecting their families in Hyderabad then they’re doing their job. Simply surrendering when they know Hyderabad is next target after Delhi will be futile.

 Hyderabad is next Target & More

The Telangana govt should provide necessary defensive strategies as Hyderabad is next target reports concern us a lot and we too are really worried. We also request Barrister Asaduddin Owaisi to come out and find out the facts over BJP’s targets and reports that keep us afraid. However, if they succeed in putting pressure and terrorizing Hyderabadis then they’ll not stop. They’ll continue to do so in many parts of India. Hyderabad needs to wake up and prefer to find ways to defend.

We at in hand writer, continuously delivering reports to make awareness globally against BJP govt without any fear. We hope that our readers and many other innocent lives should be saved. Delhi violence should be taken as the last and no further attack on innocent lives should be carried on.

We hope that nothing will cause too much trouble to the people of Hyderabad. Muslims and Hindus have good friendly relations in the City of Nizam. We also are still in the process of collecting more informational reports against the intentions of BJP govt.


Thus, we advise you not to be bothered or worried about what will happen next. Keep faith in the Almighty as we wish all the people of Hyderabad to prosper in their mandatory duties and be successful for India’s progress. We hope in Hyderabad and across entire India there will be good life for all despite BJP’s criminal actions.

Moreover, Hyderabad police is on duty always. Safety is assured to the people of Hyderabad as police is on high alert always. The police will not allow one sided violence like Delhi to happen in Hyderabad.

Further, it’s advised not to be panicked and worship the Almighty as much as possible. Islam does not allow us to create violence or spread fake reports. This report cannot be that much true as we’re all human beings and believe people sometimes without going deep. So, we apologize if for any reason we might have committed a blunder.

We’re here to inform you that no matter what it’s important to spread peace rather than hatred as BJP used to do. We condemn what happened in Delhi and wish that Hyderabad will be safe and other parts of India.

How we post reports like Hyderabad is next target…, etc.

We’re henceforth do not intend to create any panic. But, it’s our duty to post whatever information that looks informative. But this report is claimed as a fact finder and still doubts are there. Yes, inhandwriter exposes BJP always because BJP neither benefits Indian economy nor that of the World.

Henceforth, we request all to never get worried over this report as it’s written by a human being and not machine made. This report suggests us to learn more about peace and spread peace. And be prepared to defend. In any case we do not take any responsibilities. Thanks.

It’s an independent channel. Do keep visiting us frequently and search with your choicest words whatever you like to read. However, sometimes we need to go in detail to make you understand about the topic, and what’s been searched.     

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92 thoughts on “Hyderabad is next target after Delhi as Muslims not prepared to defend

  1. Itna clearly bata dene ke baad bhi agar Hyderabadi Muslims nahin jaagte hain to Allah bhi aise logon ki madad nahin karega. Delhi ka hashar saari dunya dekh chuki aur jitni tabahi huwi woh poore taur par saamne aayi bhi nahin. Jo hum social media par dekhe hain, us se kahin ziyada tabahi machaye BJP/RSS ke hire kiye huwe ghunde aur police. Kisi ki jaan par ban aati hai to aisi soorat mein humko hamara constitution aur hamara Islam is baat ki poori ijaazat deta hai ke saamne waale par bharpoor war karein chahe wo aatanki police ke bhes mein hi kyoon na ho. Apni bahen/betiyon ki jaan aur aabroo ki hifazat mukammal taur par tamaam naujawanon par hai, chahe woh aap ke ghar ka fard ho ya padosi ka ho, aur kisi bhi dharam ka ho. Pados mein kuch tabahi horahi hai to aap ka farz hai ke aap us aag mein kood paday kyoonke doosra number aap ka hosakta hai. Rozana subah-o-shaam ke azkaar khud bhi barabar padha karein aur apne tamaam ghar walon ko bhi iska aadi banaiye. Allah tamaam begunahon ki hifazat farmaye aur is BJP/RSS ko Neest-O-Nabood karay (Aameeeen). Inke khatam hone par hi hamare desh mein shanti aur khush haali aasakti hai.

    1. Hyderabadiya sirf apne Biryani pe fakhar karthe rahthe… Aur ghamand phoot phoot ke bhara hy… Zabaan bahoth rude hy… Ye bahoth bhaari padsakthe hyderabadiyo k liye…

      1. You are a emotionally fool
        Shame on you, in such bad times also you are blaming muslims n hyderabadis, if you dont want biryani eat mandi or eat idly dosha, dont be so narrow minded person

      2. Well said
        But this is the case with all Muslims of India
        When the 4 lakh Muslims of Assam were being tortured under NRC none of the Muslims rose to support them Now Allah has descended the same catastrophe on all Muslims and much more to come Since 1947 the Muslims are undergoing hell that includes the destruction of Babri Masjid but nothing moves the Muslims as much a hundi of Briyani
        Muslims are going to pay a very heavy price for their selfishly and complacency

      3. Is this the time to talk about food and blame? Imagine 500 RSS goons standing in front of your house, breaking your doors to come in and humiliate your family and beat you to death, would you say this?

    2. Please write good and perfect articles and give correct Message. Don’t just scared Muslims.Kindly give perfect message of Islam with Reference to Our Prophet Muhammad pbuh Holy Wars of Badar and Uhud and Khybar and other areas of Makkah and Medina.Please mentioned it as Jehad which means to killed the Kafirs in defence.Alhamdulillah this Time the Muslims of Delhi performed very Good Work.

      1. Firstly, we need to be prepared well for death. Everyone will taste death and shouldn’t be scared with anything or anyone. At the same time we cannot create violence as Islam prohibits creating violence. But when we know attackers are coming our way then we should fight and defend. This is called Jihad. But we cannot initiate Jihad simply thinking that some people are going to attack us. We’re in a country where we have no enmity between religions. We should Love Allah SWT more than our Children & Parents.

        1. Whether it’s muslims from hyd or kerala or anywhere, the only thing we should fear is Allah, not some shitty party. “Allah is the best planner”.

        2. Ys bro u said right thing Hyderabadi sir peace chatha hai aur kuch nahi aplog log kya shamjthey ho aisa bolney sey hum hadarabadi daar jayegey tou yea apki galath fami hai hamari cm k c r sir hum sabhi muslim hindu bhaiyou key saat hai apki government key jaisa nahi shamjthey aap so stay out it plzzz

          1. Bhai mohammmed ,
            Neend se jago

            Pheli baat Allah k siwa kisi pe bharosa nai karna wo b ita zyada.
            Akhir me hai to wo kafir hi.

            Aj musalmaan kyu kamzor hai???kyu k wo ap jaisa mere jaisa depenable hogaya…
            Aaa kcr hai kucb b nai hota
            Owaisi hai kuch nai hota

            Ye nai chahiye…post bht acha hai its informing you to be well prepared …

            Kabi b kuch b hosakta hai

      2. You are an enemy of Islam and Muslims Stop this bakwas Otherwise you will be one among the instigators

        1. The only enemy is those who foolishly wait for their enemies to attack the weak among us while we sit back and relax since we are personally not being threatened.

          There is nothing wrong with starting WhatsApp groups centered around our Masjids along with neighborhood patrols that are put in place – to defend every citizen living within the local area.

  2. I request Muslim authorities to keep their secret sources active and be in regular touch, bcz Delhi riots were directed its not all of sudden, so we need to keep eye on the silliest thing they do so that we can take respective precautions…. I know leaders of hyderabad can have every possible information they can…

      1. Assalamualikum Islam has been always under attack since the time of Prophet PBUH, we can only succeed if we stop worrying about this world and start focusing on life hear after.
        Since CAA started have we seen people is the mosques praying and getting closer to Allah, we have time for every thing except namaz and Quran.
        And the amount of money we spend on our wedding Hope we would have develop the muslims in Hyderabad by training them every person need to participate old and young. And sorry to say but I don’t trust AIMIM for a bit, it’s actually MIM who has helped BJP getting large number of Hindus against Muslim by there comment and rallies. And by going to election in UP and other states cutting muslim votes.

      2. Asalamu Alaykum Bhaiyo,
        Apne apne ghar may Tezaab aur patrol tuda saa secure stock rako. Aur apne ghar may ladies ko train keriye ye hii ek aasan weapon hai hamare pass. Aur mirch powder ka stock rakiye. Raatao may jago jitna huskay kuy wo log Delhi Muslims area may hii raat k waqt sudden attack kiye hai delhi may. Tab log sorahe thay gaflat may thay. Sab say zaroori baat Namaz ki pabandi keriye Allah say gidgida ker dua keriye hamari hifazat Allah hii kerne wala hai baikshak. Ameen Ya rab.

      3. How do you ban the group behind the BJP government? The BJP will never stop this violence – there is a study done by YALE that shows that the BJP support goes up by .8% every time there is a communal violence.
        There is only one way to stop these irresponsible murderers. When there is a minority killed by the RSS – then retaliate against one of the non-minority RSS leaders and make sure he is a BRAHMIN.

  3. Ek Aam Musalman ke liye bahot mushkil ghadi hai.This is all confusing.
    How a common man collects weapons and keep in house?
    It is TRS Govt to keep active his secret police to avoid such incidents.

    1. No, it’s mentioned in the shortest simple article about weapons to defend that Muslims don’t have. Weapons to defend are not considered as knives, swords or guns. They might be hard wooden sticks that needs to be safely used just to defend or protect our families. We’re still trying hard to collect information about various other cities to be attacked by BJP govt. They’re helpless with rise of poverty in India and doing whatever comes in their mind. They’ve gone mad.

      1. Also please organize in muhalla committes. Plan you’re defense and share with other Muslims. Elect some sincere individuals who’ve knowledge of the deen as leaders( this is sunnah practice), Allah’s help does not come to leaderless and disunited people. Do every with shura ( counsel). Make lots of tawba. Do everything you can and then rely on Allah’s help. Remember it’s finally Allah that’ll defeat the evil forces. The Quran and seerah are replete with such instances eg. Musa alayhi salam used a stick against the super power of the firoun, it was Allah that actually defeated firoun but nevertheless musa alayhi salam obeyed Allah( ibadah) by striking the sea with the stick when Allah ordered him to. Similarly on the seerah of the prophet pbuh we see Allah sent angels for help in badr, put fear in the enemies heart in khaibar, sent hurricane winds during Ahzab. But Muslims put together the best of what they had even if it was just sticks and stones as in badr, or digging a khansaq as in battle of ahzab. The only time when they didn’t get a decisive victory is, during uhud. The reason here was disobedience of the prophet. So obey Allah and the prophet and do your best. In sha Allah Allah will defeat the evil forces.

  4. Assalaam O Alaykum wa rahmathullah

    I urge all our muslims brothers and sisters to create/form a Whatsapp group -with atleast 200 members in it – Defence group against rioters
    in case if you/your family got attacked then these 200 members could save life – as we can’t trust police as our saviours

      1. Vigilance is the price of Peace.
        Therefore, be vigilant and prepare in advance together with your community irrespective of your religion. This rioters have no religion.
        Remember self defence is a best defence.

        1. It better to attack RSS camps first and destroy them…why wait until they attack….just attack 10 or 20 RSS leaders that will be enough to stop rioters….we have to die one day its better to die with dignity while protecting your family.

          1. Islam does not allow us to attack our enemies also if they’re from our own country by birth. We can only defend and if we die in defending we’ll be rewarded. At the same time we should not create violence. Let them create violence and then we should defend.

          2. Wrong.
            Who told you Islam is about dying like a coward? In fact, Islam is all about defending the weak and punishing the wrongdoers.
            While it is wrong to attack for no reason, how else will you stop these monsters, if you do not make them pay for their actions?

          3. 100% correct Ahmed — but we do not attack first. If they transgress and go beyond limits by sending goons, then we retaliate against them personally. If they are head of an organization that kills people for no legal reason, then they should prepare to die like the dogs they are.

        2. Assalamalykum. Hyderabadiya please be prepared. Besides lathis. Keep pepper spray ready, marbles filled in socks, anything. Don’t use social media for defense news and preparation. Rely on the old method of spreading by word, pray in congregation so that you can inform and be informed, develop some kid of secret techniques of communication, when violence starts, dawah by panic, organize in mug all’s groups and defend. Those rss gundas are cowards, when they realize you’re prepared and proactive they might decide to go back. Last but not the least get your businesses and houses insured and UNITE AND FIGHT. Allah’s help is near in sha Allah.

      2. Yes i agree 100% that if we are not prepared for defense also its Allah also will not help us…
        Sahaba akram were aleays prepared and struggled and fought not sit and pray only Allah..
        Secondly what PFI team is doing is kerala is the best i .. auch cadre is most important now at hyd
        We ahould either request PFI management to initiate wjth help of hyd residents
        I am ready to support any thing from Foreign country

      3. I agree with the article, RSS always target Muslims business and Muslim localities probably this time could be Hyderabad, West Bengal or Bihar. Males and females both should be active and vigilant.

    1. Mashaa Allah Dear its very nice suggestion
      but do another things
      do good deed and kindness with other persons

    2. WhatsApp group are monitored by police….if u say moin ke ghar mein talwaran rakhe huae hai..police K liye asan sirf moin ku uthalo….cannot trust whatsapp.

    3. Think from all aspects, in case internet shutdown like other states… take all security measures, be careful n rest depends on GOD

    4. Please don’t use whatsapp cuz it’s bugged. The government can track you through it.develop some new communication techniques or use the good old method of , word of mouth. Can’t the IT professionals develop a new app just for this purpose?. A Muslim app for Muslim people.

      1. Signal is a completely open source, free, secure, and private instant messaging platform, just like WhatsApp (apart from the fact that it’s open, secure, and private). Signal has apps for Android, iOS, and your desktop as well (an in-browser app). Like any other modern instant messaging service, Signal supports text, images, videos, voice and video calls, and documents. And just like any other messaging platform today, it supports group messaging.

        The most important thing to note here is, there’s end-to-end encryption for both text and voice messages. Signal, or anybody else, can’t see what’s in your messages. And Signal promises to keep it that way.

        Also, get busy and setup neighborhood watch / patrol groups that have a plan on how to deal in situations where the government shuts down the internet and when there is a riot headed towards the neighborhood.

      1. Then immediately start neighborhood watch rounds 24hr daily – how many people without jobs just sitting at home all day? Get them to volunteer and join the neighborhood patrol – each person should be equipped with a sword and a rod.

  5. Aye soye hovi qhoom ke bedaar jawano;
    at himmat-e- mardaan ki ze rooh nishanoow;
    Show(100) baath ki ke baath hai is baath ko maaloom;
    Jeene ki jo qhowhish hai to moouth ki thaano.

  6. Assalam alaikum
    Hindustan ke musalman nowjawanow ke naam,
    Haali ke naazam ka ke band.
    *****” aye sooye hovi qhoom ke bedaar jawano,
    Aye himmat-e-mardan ki zee rooh nishanoow;
    Sow(100) baath ki ek baath hai is baath ko maano;
    Jine ki jo qhawhish hai to phir moouth ki thaano…………

    1. When the times come to us in Hyderabad.Dont worry about any facianist just do whatever you do for your families die with honor surely you will go heaven trusting police and present government is useless Owaisi brothers will be safer in their palaces…..Hisbi Allahu Niamal wakeel.



  8. Bhai log, worst scenario ka sonchiye. Delhi ki tarah Police khud attack karne lagegi aur woh log full armed honge to waisi soorat mein humko kya karna hoga. Mere khayaal se har ek shaqs apne terrace par jitna hosakay pathar jama karke rakhe, sirf our sirf apne defence ke liye hi. Agar situation bahut ziyada kharaab hoti hai tab oopar chhataon se pathar phenk kar unko bhaga sakte hain. Aaj kal ho yeh raha hai ke aise dangaon mein baher ke log hi hire karke larahe hain BJP waale. Ghar par fire extinguishers rakhein, pani ka stock rakhein. Delhi ka hasher hamare saamne hai. Allah na karay aisi situation hoti hai to iske liye bhi tayyar rahna padega. Pados mein agar kuch gadbad horahai hai maloom huwa to fauri sab log wahan pahonch jaiye woh padosi aap ka chahe jo bhi dharam ka ho. Hamari zimmedari padosi ki bhi hai. Subah aur sham ke azkaar ka khud ehtemaam karay aur apne ghar walon ko bhi takeed karein ke roz subah aur sham zaroor azkaar padh liya karein. In Sha Allah, poori hifazat rahegi. “Hazbiyallahu Wa Nemal Wakeel”.

    1. *While making du’a for those afflicted by the pogrom underway in Delhi let’s not forget to make this du’a for ourselves*

      It was narrated from ibn Umar that the messenger of Allah (saw) said:

      *“Whoever unexpectedly comes across a person suffering a calamity and says;*

      *اَلْحَمْدُ للهِ الَّذِىْ عَافَانِىْ مِمَّاابْتَلاَكَ بِهِ وَفَضَّلَنِىْ عَلىَ كَثِيْرٍ مِّمَّنْ خَلَقَ تَفْضِيْلاً*

      (Transliteration: Alhamdu lillahi lazi aafani mimab talaaka bihi wa faddalani alaa katheerim mimman khalaqa tafdheela)

      *“All praises due to Allah, who has kept me safe from that which He has involved you with, and he has granted me graces over most of those whom He has created gracefully”*


      (Sunan ibn majah {3892} and sunan at tirmidhi {3431,3431} and graded as hasan by sheikh al albanee)

      1. Bhai mere, neend se utho mere bhai. Kya samajh rahe hain aap TRS ko? Hamara hamdard? Bilkul nahin. TRS to door ki baat, aap ke apne Owaisi brothers bhi kuch nahin kar lenge. Sab kuch hojaane ke baad bhonkna shuru karenge. Isi liye behtar hai, self defense ke bare mein soncho aur doosron se ummeed rakhna bund karo. Apne apne mohalle mein aapas mein mashwara karke ek plan tayyar karo ke Allah na karay agar aisi koi baat ho jaati hai to us waqt sab ko kya karna chahiye.

    2. Bhai yeh Hindu , Muslim fasaad nahi hai…BJP leaders are hiring goons from outside and doing this riots. Muslims and Hindus badoosi are all friends from beginning , sab miljul ke rahetey , Yeh BJP aur Modi ki chaal hai bhoot daloh aur raaj karo, par usmey Muslims are getting target . I think both Hindu and Muslim should fight with goons. Make unity and kick out dusmani from your mind.

  9. The greatest weapon a Muslim has is Iman dua … Allah sent angels in many battle before to help the Muslims but those Muslims deservd it…no matter what just don’t loose hope and be strong and bold don’t give up.. pray to Allah ask Allah beg Allah be united… Unity is strength.. protect each sha Allah

    1. Assalamualaikum.
      Bhaiyon,Allah se kasrat se dua kariye,apne ghar me shariat nafis kariye yaani( pure tarikhe se quran aur sunnat pe amal kariye,namazoon ki pabandi,Quran padhne ki pabandi,gunahoon se Bache(chote aur bade),fuzool kharchi se Bache,jhoot ,keenah, boghz,behayi,haraam se Bache.)
      InshaAllah Allah ki madad aaygi.

      1. What you’ve said is good. We need to do all that and also prepare our defence with whatever we have, to the best of our ability. Then rely on Allah. That’s what the Quran and sunnah teaches us. Allah does not change the situation of a people who do not begin the change themselves first.

  10. We have to follow American Law right to bear arms. We should have guns and powerful arms then only it stops

      1. Use your brain – it is free at the moment apparently.
        Items every house should contain:
        A wooden / metal / plastic rod, a sword (which every one of your ancestors carried openly in public), marbles / rocks in socks, petrol, oil, and even red pepper.
        Lastly, put up cameras in your neighborhoods and figure out who took part in these riots and then make that person a lesson for others.

  11. Sab log ghar me mirchi ka powder
    Toilet cleaner ka tezaab
    Sharp rods electrical instruments which have high voltage can u used to protect urself
    Also take licensed air guns which can be used for defense
    Be brave and seek Allahas help

  12. Sab log ghar me mirchi ka powder
    Toilet cleaner ka tezaab
    Sharp rods electrical instruments which have high voltage can u used to protect urself
    Also take licensed airy guns which can be used for defense

  13. The steps to defend ourselves are as follows from my mind, any suggestions are welcome:
    1. Form a vigilance system in each mohallas and colony of youth covering it from all sides with WhatsApp group or calls on PTT.
    2. Setup docile protection barriers for vehicles to not enter if situation arises where Armed forces join mobs to kill Muslims like in Delhi. Maybe iron gates or tyres burnt to form a barrier.
    3. Use household items to create weapons like microwaves or electricity from generators(they will shutdown grid power)
    4. Educate women and old people on how to lock homes properly to avoid fire suffocation, sealing windows with masking tapes and avoiding smoke to reach entire home.
    5. Change or create buffer zones within homes to avoid fire or smoke reaching inside of homes. engineers to plan this and help each other understand this.
    6. Chemical reactions needs to be studied or popularised among Muslims to use easily accessible materials for self defense.
    7. Form a perimeter based communication system among different mohallas to reach each other in 50% strength of each other leaving 50% at own mohalla for avoiding exposure to self mohalla when reaching other mohallas.
    8. If Armed forces are behaving like goons, dont consider them to be part of law, treat them the same way as goons.
    9. Mosques should be used as announcements zones of attack if possible to alert the residents to activate defense of youth and reinforcements should reach from different corners when called for.
    10. Stop living in nonMuslim localities where you have 2 4 houses of Muslims, migrate to dense Muslim population areas for better chances of survival.
    11. Keep reciting Kalima and die fighting rather than pleading mercy from attackers as they came with the intention to kill you not show mercy.
    Hope this helps.

    1. In case of fire, cover your face by wet cloth/towel as most of the casualties happens by smoke suffocation. Its very important.

    2. Right bro.. but it should also be in action not only in just words.. and one advice for all Muslims .. more and more Muslims should join police force

  14. Allahamduillah , last more then 10 years no communal riots in Hyderabad and this is not becouse of MIM or TRS or Police.
    It is becouse the people’s of all community are respect each other

    1. Bashir bhai, log aapas mein kabhi nahin maar lete. Yeh leaders/politicians hi hamesha yeh kaam karwate hain. Is baat ko achchi tarah zahen mein bithaiye. Yeh RSS/BJPee ka goal/agenda hi Muslims aur dalits ki tabahi hai. Inke paas saare resources hain aur yeh kisi bhi had tak jaa sakte hain.

    2. Have you ever heard of High Tech City? That is one of the main reasons for the “peace” in this city. The only thing these BJP goons hate more than Muslims is losing Money.

  15. In case of fire, cover your face by wet cloth/towel as most of the casualties happens by smoke suffocation. Its very important.

    1. Teach your kids how to make petrol bomb like they used in Delhi riots, mirchi ka paani , sharp rods, iron rods, building rods, welding rods and panic alarm with you. This is the war with

  16. We should educate muslim schools and mdrsas to have sports like karate, Muay Thai, MMA etc.. and now a days we need more and more dayee (who preach Islam to non muslim).. in police and in other government heigher position.. all the muslims should learn Islam and then preach to other non muslims..

  17. Reply
    As Salam Alaikum,
    I request all our Muslim authorities to keep their secret sources active and be in regular touch, because Delhi riots were directed its not all of sudden, so we need to keep eye on the similar thing they do so that we can take preventive precaution, We know leaders of hyderabad can have every possible information they can.

  18. Fake news. Don’t trust any sources. They are clearly mentioned to be ready with weapons… what the fuck is this.. admin must report this post and stop spreading hate.. we want peace In Hyderabad unlike Delhi..

    1. Replace the word Muslim with Minority…that is the BJP / RSS led India today; get your head out of the sand.
      So what? Are you scared of weapons kept for defense? or have you hired others to protect you and your family?
      Who said anything other than keeping the peace? However, to not be prepared is a foolishness that allows the goons to scare an entire country – stand up to them when they attack and arrest their leaders. Is that too much to ask?

  19. Thanks for alerting People on time, today I read news that BJP appointed president for each district. we have to be very careful now specially in BJP whoever do riots he gots high rewards so if not hyderabad they can do riots in any district. it is time to stay muslim together

    1. We should also give reward to the goon…why only reward from the BJP and RSS? The victims deserve to give a reply.

  20. Our CM sir can’t tolerate all this things in Hyderabad and our police is very friendly but not entertain this type of thing in Hyderabad we trust TRS Government and our beloved CM sir Jai Telangana.

    1. CM and party busy making money in High Tech City – of course, they can not tolerate this type of thing.
      But, not preparing for disaster is also foolish.

  21. ASSALAMU ALAIKUM WA RAHMATHULLAHI WA BARKATUHU BHAI hum sab se pehle Allah ghar 5 waqt hazir hona chiye aur Allah tala par mukammil tawakkal kare aur zyada se zyada istagfaar Karen aur apne taqat aur quwwat ke hisab se tayyari karen agar koi hum par humla karen hum ko aaqri saans tak apni aur apne ghar aur basti ke logon ki hifazat karna hoga hum sab ko area ke local leaders se milkar ek committee bana kar unity se saath dusre mazhab ke logon bhi shamil karke apne areas ko raat main chand groups apne bastiyon main gast karte rahna aue apne leaders police ko italla karen committees ke bare aur hum sabko alert rahna chahiye . Allah tala se dua hai Allah tala hamare shahar aur mulk dono ki hafazat karen.Ameen

  22. There is no need for panic. Proactive measures are needed both by the community and the govt agencies. Our greatest strength is that, we have CM who acts in a non partisan manner. The police administration and the political establishments are reputedly fair and sympathetic to minorities. Besides, the Muslim leadership in AIMIM is well established politically and is a strong pressure group on the government, unlike in Delhi where the police administration is in the hands of the central government.
    The community on it’s part can help the police administration by informing from time to time about any suspicious activities or the sighting of any strange persons.
    The police should establish pickets in identified trouble prone localities.
    They should increase the frequency of patrol in such localities.
    Leaders who give hate speeches and provoke masses must be sternly dealt with

    1. Pls sab ye subah shaam azkaar padhte rahein , aayatul kursi n teen qul, hadesaat se bachney ki dua, aur dushmanon se hifazat ki dua wo ye “ALLAHUMMA INNA NAJ’ALUKA FEE NUHOORIHIM WA NAOOZU BIK MIN SHUROORIHIM, ” “ALLAHUM MASTUR AURAATEE WA AAMIR RAYATEE”.
      Daily hisaar basnd kar sooein. Ghar se baahar nikalne ki duaein zarur padhein.Tahajjud padhein. Full duaein kijiye.

  23. Whose website is this & why they need email & name to comment…. Kahin aisa toh nahi koi IT cell ye ek muheem chala raha ho…. Anyhow we don’t know about the plans of vandalism but how long are they going to kill mankind…. The day is near when the culprits will get their due.

  24. Signal is a completely open source, free, secure, and private instant messaging platform, just like WhatsApp (apart from the fact that it’s open, secure, and private). Signal has apps for Android, iOS, and your desktop as well (an in-browser app). Like any other modern instant messaging service, Signal supports text, images, videos, voice and video calls, and documents. And just like any other messaging platform today, it supports group messaging.

    The most important thing to note here is, there’s end-to-end encryption for both text and voice messages. Signal, or anybody else, can’t see what’s in your messages. And Signal promises to keep it that way.

    Also, get busy and setup neighborhood watch / patrol groups that have a plan on how to deal in situations where the government shuts down the internet and when there is a riot headed towards the neighborhood.

  25. Please Note That We Are Not Accepting Anymore Comments From Today As Most Of The Comments are Offensive. We Want Peace And Nothing More Than Peaceful Actions Could Defeat Law Violators

    1. Please Note That We Are Not Accepting Anymore Comments From Today As Most Of The Comments are Offensive. We Want Peace And Nothing More Than Peaceful Actions Could Defeat Law Violators

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