Rich Indians flying to foreign Countries, scared of situations in India

Rich Indians flying to foreign Countries, scared of situations in India

BJP never bothers about many major companies shut their doors and BJP is still hiding what they’re selling out. However, what about Rich Indians? Yes, Rich Indians do benefit India to keep the economic uptime for revival. They can invest in India and Youth get jobs from their substantial investments. It’s a sad story but let’s discuss a bit more as inhandwriter brings you the most wanted stories.  

Scary and violent India at present under the BJP rule has given the Country a very bad image. The reason for rich Indians to fly away from India can be the possible attempts of BJP to incite hatred. Hatred never wins and when a secular Country like India becomes hateful then it’s not possible to live peacefully. Thus, peace in India is slowly getting wiped off. The culprit to create violence in India including rapes and many other atrocities can be notably BJP.

Why RICH Indians Choosing Foreign Countries?

BJP needs to be banned. But this can happen at the end of 2020. If Narendra Modi and Amit Shah survives for two more years then India will be in deep trouble. People should react now or else they’ll be diverted. BJP uses mainstream media to divert the minds of rich Indians. But, most of the rich people are wary of BJP’s tactics.  

We’re as Indians should live a better life as we see the govt gets replaced over. But during the current scenario, the replaced govt of BJP since 2014 is more troublesome than the Congress. Yes, Congress is now wiped off but what about BJP? BJP leaders and their supreme leader Narendra Modi as Prime Minister can only play with words. They can say that under BJP rule India finds good progress despite the rise of poverty. However, rich Indians aren’t benefited to live in a corrupt India peacefully. They’re scared of mob lynchings and rapes and even bothered about BJP’s atrocities. So, they’re moving away to foreign Countries for their own good.

Khalid M Raza

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