Siasat used our keywords to highlight their news for more views

Siasat used our keywords to highlight their news for more views

Stealing somebody’s hard work is something to gain more views but not a major mistake. We don’t do that but still Siasat used our keywords. And we’re hurt as our post stolen by Siasat. Is it justified?

The online portal took our keywords as business rules or ethics does not allow these tactics. Yet, we would like the online channel to delete the post as they claimed our post in their favor. They’ve been generating more views and simply riding on us by diverting our viewers towards their online channel. Yes, our channel is entertainment based but we don’t want our readers to shift from us towards Siasat. It’s evident that they stole our post and the first few words suggest they’re stealing our post from search results.

and our post link is this: Read this post.

They’re playing not good as informers and they’re doing business, while spreading our news post to gain more views and then, who cares? It’s not right but we would likely to take action against Siasat. And at the same time it’s not right and we’re making our readers to be aware of Siasat’s news post stealing policies. It’s our request to the online portal to delete or edit their link mentioned above. Else, add our link to their post’s content. It’s again, a warning!

Khalid M Raza

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