Communal Violence never occurs from videos or audios with no hate talks

Communal Violence never occurs from videos or audios with no hate talks

How many of you’re aware that AIMIM leaders speeches were regarded as hate speeches? But Muslims never created communal violence. Communal violence never occurs with viral audios or videos. It’s the BJP leaders, who deliver hate speeches as much as possible and violence starts therefrom. Kapil Mishra did his best to deliver hate speech. And he was not arrested even though with his hate speech communal violence created in Delhi. It was more than communal violence in Delhi as Muslims were attacked with weapons.  

Police understands certain audios or videos for alerting people to protect themselves has been regarded as inciting of communal violence. The person hasn’t committed a crime by speaking in an audio message about preparedness. But he was arrested and he never knew that his audio message could become viral. We condemn such arrests as BJP leaders need to be arrested for delivering hate speeches.

How can one know that his audio or video can go viral? It’s the people, who like the video or audio for their own benefit and to be alert over any attack. We’ve already seen a mass massacre of Muslims in Delhi with just a hate speech from Kapil Mishra. AIMIM never created communal violence even if their speeches regarded as hate speeches. But, BJP is on the roll to incite hatred.  

Inciting hatred among Hindus by using RSS and other forces should be eliminated. Show us a single communal violence created by AIMIM leaders or any Muslim leader? It’s a shame that poor Muslims are arrested and those, who create hatred are left. Think and act sensibly as communal violence never occurs with audios or videos that do not have hate content.

Khalid M Raza

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