Kishen Reddy reports to BJP as Anjani Kumar urged to be alert for safety

Kishen Reddy reports to BJP as Anjani Kumar urged to be alert for safety

Gangapuram Kishen Reddy is a BJP politician and we don’t want to discus about his role as political leader. He might be a politician for many reasons but he appreciates Narendra Modi as an ardent fan of the PM. What concerns us and is worrying is Kishen Reddy is in Hyderabad and he reports directly to BJP. This needs to be discussed more as Commissioner of Police Anjani Kumar needs to be alert.  

We request Anjani Kumar that take full control of the police in Hyderabad and do not let police to be hijacked by BJP. If anything happens in Hyderabad then Hyderabad police should control. And not just sit back by arresting a few individuals without their reports get confirmed. Kishen Reddy is the Minister of State for Home affairs and unfortunately a member of BJP. He’s 55 years of age and it’s time for him to think about peace. How long he will create awareness about BJP’s good works on twitter? And there are no good works yet noticed from BJP for the progress of the nation.  

Worried not over Kishen Reddy but Police needs to be more alert

We want Mr Anjani Kumar to be alert for the safety of the people of Hyderabad. Yes, Commissioner Anjani Kumar is already alert but he needs to investigate BJP’s planning in Hyderabad. He also needs to keep an eye over the police as Kishen Reddy might again be exposed. If we do not take precautionary measures then how it would be guaranteed that Hyderabad will be safe and for how long?

Anjani Kumar tweeted that: “We have arrested one person circulating fake news on social media platforms to create communal violence in the city. A case has been registered under relevant sections of IPC & IT Act”. This is good that people are arrested on creating fake audios or videos. But does it make sense that they should be blamed for creating communal violence.

They’re creating awareness as what they know about or informing people but they’re not creating communal hatred. Thus, it’s good that investigate sensibly and find violence creators. People are enough sensible today that they can easily find out what’s true and what’s fake. We shouldn’t be worried over Kishen Reddy’s presence in Hyderabad but police needs to be alert and not the people.

Khalid M Raza

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