Man arrested for fake audio message but his family is suffering

Man arrested for fake audio message but his family is suffering

Family members of the young man are deeply concerned and are asking the police to forgive him. Man arrested because his audio gone viral. This is a cause of concern as he wasn’t aware of his audio message reach thousands of people. Muslim leaders were behind his arrest but nobody should be blamed as police did their duty. He was an auto driver. How much knowledge an auto driver can have needs to be understood? Further, he was the bread earner for his family. His family is suffering and we appeal people to help his family members with whatever money they can afford.  

Police should understand that auto drivers do not have much knowledge and they’re almost uneducated. His family members are suffering and it will be the Telangana State govt’s good deed if they help them. TRS should reach the helpless family members. They’re asking for their son to be forgiven as he was not that educated and matured enough.

How long the battle goes on when some miscreants are left to live freely? However, the police always hunts the miscreants and always believed to make arrests of criminals. Police does their best duties. But still miscreants are left free because so many rapes and murders happening frequently these days. Man arrested can justified but we should sometimes think out of the box.

Khalid M Raza

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