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Why RSS not banned as it creates violence of attacking innocents?

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We need to know the value of RSS for BJP first. BJP uses RSS (Rashtriya Swayamsvak Sangh) for what purpose and much more will be discussed. But, why RSS not banned as it covers foreign countries including Saudi Arabia? Yes, RSS has grown on large capacity and in foreign countries many fake websites are created using RSS. The websites support Narendra Modi & BJP and divides Hindus & Muslims with fake stories.

Television Media in India plays a major role for supporting BJP. And RSS is used by BJP for many reasons to trouble Muslims or Muslim leaders.  

Why RSS not banned when they’re known as terror group? Many highly educated people are also involved in RSS including the uneducated life time member like Mr PM Modi. Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be benefited if he opts out from RSS. And also if he allows the Apex court to impose indefinite ban on RSS. This question raised will make the intellectuals to think more and speak against RSS.

The question is why RSS not banned when most of the people around the globe knows their activities. RSS activities are only to create trouble to the minorities including Muslims. And to a great extent RSS is global group now.  

The RSS might be found in many countries including the Gulf. They conduct meetings and do their online hate spreading work from foreign countries. Not to forget that Indian minorities are greatly affected by the terrorism of RSS. Time is ripe now to ban RSS otherwise world leaders will raise this question again: Why RSS not banned ?

Khalid M Raza

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