BJP speaking lies over Delhi violence to create more violent incidences

BJP speaking lies over Delhi violence to create more violent incidences

Defending Ankit Sharma’s death and beyond that claiming the violence as communal and an outside work, BJP speaking lies. The Prime Minister of India had controlled the violence in about 6 to 7 hours if he had not created that. BJP speaking lies only to defend their attackers used for massacre of Muslims, destroying Muslim homes and Mosques. The attackers also chose Muslim businesses and set the businesses and shops on fire. They did so cleverly and chose only Muslims to be killed on large number. Many Muslim children and adults were killed and thrown in gutter and the figure is much more than what BJP claims.  

Yes, BJP speaking lies to defend the attackers and are gaining support with their highlighting of the death of Ankit Sharma. Ankit Sharma was a police officer and was on duty. He tried single handedly to control the attackers but was killed brutally as rest of the police supported attackers. Police was blamed by many intellectuals and experts but BJP still supports the Delhi police. They’ll continue to show the wrong picture to the people of India and keep playing divide and rule politics. Their dirty politics will not last longer. And BJP speaking lies continues for how long?

They might attack other cities across India using the same pogrom as they already did in Delhi and earlier in Gujarat. Narendra Modi delivered many hate speeches when he was the Chief Minister of Gujarat. He continues to speak lies. And how long the people will believe him as India’s progress matters us more. We cannot help the poor without trying best to make India progress and BJP is destroying India’s image globally.

Khalid M Raza

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