Cricket season hit by Corona virus as Shoaib Akhtar angry over China

Cricket season hit by Corona virus as Shoaib Akhtar angry over China

The outbreak of Corona Virus keeps Cricket authorities to carry on Cricket with no crowd support. Cricket is in danger of wiping off from the globe as Cricket season has been taken an off. Cricket season always pulls the crowd and becomes famous every year. But now China threatened Cricket too. This off for Cricket should not be taken lightly as the COVID-19 or Corona virus keeps on spreading. People want to watch Cricket but they’re denied entry to the stadiums. Empty stadiums will be used for how long as Cricket season becomes off season. This is again worth discussing more.

Well, Cricket is in danger for sure and nobody should be blamed but people have different opinions and let’s understand them. We should keep patience and think positive as it looks Corona Virus will be eradicated soon.  

Shoaib Akhtar accused Chinese for their consumption of poisonous animals. Their eating habits are worrisome and they should consume Halal meat and should always consume good healthy animals. Shoaib was angry over China as many setbacks including creating panic over present Cricket season worried him.

He said the Chinese are responsible for the huge setback to the economy of all the countries. His feelings are just like a fast bowler and he spoke furiously. He said IPL is also in danger and IPL will not be held and it also worries him. Further, he spoke about loss of millions of jobs. 

Shoaib Akhtar continued warning people not to consume non peaceful animals and refrain from eating whatever they like. He stressed on and on and wanted people not to create jokes over the COVID-19 on Social Media. Dynamic Cricketer told so much that we’ve nothing more to say.

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