No time for Indians to worship Creator alone to fight against injustice?

No time for Indians to worship Creator alone to fight against injustice?

Indians absolutely have no time to worship the Creator but to keep blaming others. They blame the media, politicians, RSS and BJP criminals and have no time to worship God. Who knows anything can happen any moment but how long we should play blame games? Do not support the criminals and be quiet. Yes, it’s confirmed that RSS is criminal group and almost all politicians under BJP have criminal records. Still BJP have no time to think wisely or the people under them.

But, we cannot afford to give much time to the traitors and lie speakers. They create violence with their hate speeches. Are we not supposed to worship the Almighty and condemn their hate speech straightaway and walk out? We listen to what criminal politicians say and do what they want us to do. We want this report to be known to the activists from RSS too. And the Indian police too should know that BJP is not their Supreme leader but the Supreme of the Supreme is the Almighty. Why kill innocents and destroy innocent homes as most of the innocents are killed in India because of hatred?

No Time BJP finds to think Wisely

When you love your God then why hate His creations like all of us are human beings and are created by Him alone. So, we need to be humane rather than spreading hatred. And settling with killings and blaming people later on is a wasteful step. We should guide the people to think in the way of human beings and not like monsters.

BJP is using all their sources to wipe out Muslims from India but do they’ve awareness of the outcome? How can mankind attack innocent people. We cannot even harm a bit to the innocent animals without any purpose. BJP have purpose to create violence just to remain in power. This purpose is selfish. And this false belief or purpose of BJP will definitely hit back hard over them soon. In no time or in any way BJP will taste defeat if they keep on oppressing the Indians.

Let’s think wisely and never live as cowards.

Khalid M Raza

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