Every Soul will taste death as People bother not on what happens after death?

Every Soul will taste death as People bother not on what happens after death?

Every soul will taste death. Death is inevitable. Death can come anytime and anywhere to anybody including Children, the Young and old. How long people think that they can live, which cannot be known to them. Again people prepare for tomorrow’s program without thinking about what happens after death?  

Make sure that you should be clean enough every time and think about your death for some time everyday. All of us notice that someone in our surroundings left this World irrespective of his or her age. People believe in enjoying the life as much as possible because they say “who knows what will happen after death?”

Every Soul Should Learn Religion First

Thinking too much about death is not required but at the same time we should know that every soul will taste death. The time of death and the place of death is unknown. When you know that you might die one day then why can’t you believe in God? People talk much about making money but they’ve to leave this World empty handed.

We save money a lot and live as worshipers of money rather than worshiping the Creator. Let’s think about doing good deeds rather than finding faults in others. Even doctors and Scientists believe in God but people are following wrong way. Their wrong way needs to be corrected.

They should sit calmly and think about their religion. And they cannot believe what their parents and forefathers used to believe. They’re supposed to find a way, which benefits them and others to live happily and die peacefully. If they don’t learn religion then they would not only commit sins but also do Worldly crimes. They can escape from the Worldly laws with the use of money and speaking lies but they’ll not be saved from the Lord.

The Lord of the Worlds created this World and the World of Hereafter. Therefore, you can be put in paradise (Jannah) or put in Hell after everything played in front of you as what you did in this World. So, be kind to others and learn about what religion to follow as every soul will taste death. This fact cannot be ignored.

Khalid M Raza

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