Narendra Modi paralyzed India say foreign experts as he misguided Indians

Narendra Modi paralyzed India say foreign experts as he misguided Indians

Yes, “Modi Hai To Mumkin Hai” has been used to be said by BJP followers. BJP won elections twice successively and never utilized big opportunities. It failed to lead India towards progress say foreign experts on foreign media platforms. Various issues highlighted as Narendra Modi paralyzed India not so shocking because some people believe him as tea seller.

“A tea seller, whose mission to make India as Hindu nation will increase poverty in India”. Claimed many experts from India also. “Chai wala Chai hi Bechna Thaa Magar Humne Ghalat Kiya Usko Chunnkar. Uske Dil Mein Nafrat Ki Aag Thi Musalmano Ke Khilaaf Aur Woh India Ko Kaise Aage Bardayega. India Aage Nahi Barda To Phir Ghareebi Door Kaise Hogi”. Said a few intellectuals. (Tea seller should be allowed to sell tea only but we elected him for what?

We made a mistake as he has so much hatred against Muslims and how he proceed for progressing India? If India never progresses then how would the poor will be benefited?).

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Narendra Modi paralyzed India despite having too many opportunities. He did a big mistake with demonetization and then with imposition of GST. Again, he did a criminal action with the abrogation of article 370 from Kashmir and that hit India’s tourism industry. He also made Muslims in Kashmir to suffer under indefinite curfew. But, this is a different thing and will be discussed later.

Here again he played his dirty politics with carrying out NRC in Assam and wasted huge money. He’s still playing divide & rule politics and about to carry out NPR and other Citizenship laws. His decisions tortured all Indians and Indians are suffering with joblessness. Overall Narendra Modi paralyzed India and we request him to utilize the opportunities and revive economy first. “Magar Iske Dimaag Mein Kuch Bhi Nahi Chalta Bass Ye Sirf Musalmano Ki Tabahi Chahta Aur Iske Saath Saath Poora India Tabah Hojata. Magar Aisa Kab Tak Chalega?”.

(But, Narendra Modi’s mind never works for good and always he wants to destroy Muslims. And with this intention whole India will suffer and will be destroyed. However, How long this will continue? Argued some experts in Hindi.

Khalid M Raza

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