Thursday, November 30, 2023
Baba Ramdev admitted to Hospital for drinking Cow urine is how true?

Baba Ramdev admitted to Hospital for drinking Cow urine is how true?

Baba Ramdev never drinks Cow urine and never consumes Cow dung since the past and needs to know the present situation. And how true the claims about Baba Ramdev admitted to Hospital are? Yes, Ramdev was admitted to Hospital when he was on hunger strike. This hunger strike called by experts as illogical. And it’s a fact that Cow urine cannot cure any disease and it will be fatal if people drink Cow urine. World research admitted that Cow urine or waste matter of any living being cannot be beneficial but very harmful. However, Cow dung can be used for some useful purposes but cannot be used for body massage.  

Henceforth, the viral content circulating in social media as Baba Ramdev admitted to Hospital after drinking Cow urine is fake. He might be afraid of Corona virus. But the report on some online posts claim that he drank Cow urine in large quantity to fight Coronavirus. This is not true. Moreover, 90% of the World population believes that Cow urine is very harmful.

So, the fact is even the Cow allows her infants to drink milk and not Cow urine. Thus, we need to understand the importance of sanitizing ourselves better but not with Cow urine. Hence, Baba Ramdev admitted to hospital might turn out to be true if he starts drinking Cow urine.

Khalid M Raza

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