People coming back from abroad require high end facilities near airports

People coming back from abroad require high end facilities near airports

“Many people coming back from abroad. And have been quarantined needs to get high end facilities. Delhi govt has asked 3 hotels near the airport to keep free 182 rooms for this purpose. And at a fixed price”. Said worried Arvind Kejriwal today. However, this facilities needs to be imposed on all airports across India. People coming back from abroad needs such facilities to fight against COVID-19 or Corona Virus.  

The spread of deadly disease is on the rise and Indian govt should prefer to fight against COVID-19 in India first. Later, they can watch what’s happening around the World. Simply sitting back to make people afraid to meet their foreign visitors is wasteful.

Thus, if best facilities provided near the airports then the relatives of the foreign visitors will be in peace. Such facilities should be carried on across entire India to defeat Corona Virus from India first. It will be good if NPR also never takes place across India for about six months.

Further, Kejriwal said: “I have directed all DMs, SDMs and municipal commissioners to set up portable washbasins with automatic soap dispensers in public spaces that have not yet been shut. The most foolproof way to stop Corona virus from spreading is frequent washing of hands with soap”.

Khalid M Raza

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