Thursday, November 30, 2023
Homemade food preferred Worldwide as Indians still thrive on outside food?

Homemade food preferred Worldwide as Indians still thrive on outside food?

We are always happy to see our regular readers benefiting us a lot. We’ve been appreciated for simplicity in our write up and bringing out informational posts. So, here again the entire World is taking precautions more than what Indians are taking currently. Homemade food preferred Worldwide but there are still more than 50% Indians, who order outside food online. The figure might be more when you look at restaurants still serving food to their customers.

Our priority should be to keep ourselves clean and even more clean with washing of hands frequently. The spread of Corona virus threatening India more as in April there will be more cases if not controlled timely. April is the month to fight hard against the virus. We Indians never bother about so many precautions that needs to be taken.

Our govt is busy in their own policies and have released very low amount of money to fight against this virus. The Corona virus impact will be more to the poor people than to others. So, it’s better if the govt provides guidance to the poor to fight against this virus rather than playing politics over this issue.

Homemade food preferred Worldwide as most of the Countries taking precautions. But Indians still thriving on outside food. This is a major cause of concern. Kids at home should be taught to clean their hands frequently and never look beyond whatever food made at home. They should be guided to eat food prepared at home. Homemade food preferred Worldwide and so why not Indians avoid eating outside food?

Khalid M Raza

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