How to stay at homes peacefully to fight against Corona Virus

How to stay at homes peacefully to fight against Corona Virus

The Western Countries are bothered only about their right to freedom. Most of the Youth from these Countries do not want to stay at homes. Some are flaunting Social life as they’re saying irresponsibly that: “If I get the Virus then let it take my life but I can’t keep away my Social life because of this epidemic”. One of the Youth claimed: “I’m ready to catch Corona Virus and so I’m not afraid to have fun going out”.

These Youth are not been arrested because some of the Countries like USA, UK etc. Have already given priority to freedom. Many questions arise from such excuses. So, they should understand the purpose of life first.  

You can see earlier Italy had allowed Social life while now the Italians are forced to stay at homes. The questions are what happens when medicines not made to cure Corona Virus until the end of this year? The death toll will rise and the number of infected people will be more than a Million until Aug 2020. The cases will increase more until the end of the year.

Thus, it’s better to think wisely. Create a nice & clean atmosphere to stay at homes. It’s very beneficial and much helpful if we keep worshiping our Lord. Pray as much as you can and seek forgiveness from the Lord of the Worlds. You’ll find peace if you keep reading religious content than getting worried of your stay at homes. So, be closer to God. And practice worshiping at homes to feel the experience so peaceful that you might not find in any type of activity.

Khalid M Raza

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