Narendra Modi begs 130 Crore Indians to light up candles on April 5

Narendra Modi begs 130 Crore Indians to light up candles on April 5

Here comes another way for the BJP govt to distract the attention of Indians towards something old fashioned in Hinduism. Yes, Hinduism has been changed every few years since a long time and corrections has been made. But Narendra Modi begs again in an old fashion way of Hinduism. It has been learned that a large population of Hindus are highly educated and they know how to live safe life. Yet, Narendra Modi takes India towards old age but today Hinduism is modernized and Hindus think wisely.

Hindus are doing top class business and jobs and they’re now misguided with these sort of lighting “Diya” etc. These are only superstitions and superstitious Hindus exist no more.

And this begging from the Prime Minister of India comes in the morning of Friday and absolutely not after Friday prayers.

However, Indians on large numbers rejected immediately to his appeal and mocked at him. He becomes a joke for some and a deity for some. His intention can speak volumes as he behaves like the late Satya Sai Baba to lead the Country that way. He’s much involved over using such free resources to fight against Corona Virus.

This begging comes even after World Bank approved $1 Billion loan for fighting against COVID-19. His SBI account with the name PM CARES credited with a large sum of money but that money hasn’t been utilized properly. People of different communities including the Bollywood & Sports personalities did donations to PM CARES.

 Narendra Modi Begs & More

Narendra Modi comes again after he told earlier that people should clap and play drums at 5 PM. He begged people to show that this way of clapping and drum beating will be helpful to fight against “Coronavirus”. That was not successful but it seems the lighting of candles for 9 minutes will be helpful. This will be helpful to the people to lower their electricity bills as for 9 minutes they would only light candles. But, BJP govt is too much cunning that they would put extra effort to extract more from the electricity department.

However, Narendra Modi begs for no reason as what he thinks is just a superstition and nothing else. Some people of India are looking forward to light up candles, Diyas, etc., on April 5 at 9 PM. Hope this trick from BJP comes as a blessing in disguise.

Khalid M Raza

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