Bill Gates reveals terrifying Corona Virus Endgame but how true is it?

Bill Gates reveals terrifying Corona Virus Endgame but how true is it?

It’s interesting to know that each American will be tested and how this can take place? “Is there a digital process to determine the Corona Virus?”. Why did Bill Gates reveals terrifying Endgame so cautiously? The authorities are looking into the matter and they know what they want to do with the use of the “Virus”. They don’t care who’ll die and in which way as they don’t care at all. They’re playing a waiting game right now.  

It will be disastrous to collapse the American economy including that of the entire World. But it’s not a matter of so much concern. It’s so because more confirmed facts still to be revealed. But, they won’t say any further about the work done digitally behind the Corona Virus. However, it should be understood that the Super Power over all the countries is always watching.

They’ll definitely fail in their achievements as most of the people are aware of the intentions of the “Culprits”. And above all there’s the Super Power, Who controls every movement. You must be the believer to think this way as the best protector is the Super Power. He is One and He is the Super Power and everything that exists or exists not belongs to Him only.  

Bill Gates reveals Terrifying Corona Virus Threat Unbelievable 

Many experts did so much research over this issue but they’ve removed some factual information from Internet. This goes on to blame the United Nations first and then the sources speak so much but nothing directly. These diseases should be taken seriously as the authorities want people to get bogged down with total world locked down.

They’re willing to sacrifice as many lives as they want to. It’s just an economic bomb. And a bio weapon and also designed to collapse the World economy. Anything cannot be possible as people are afraid with the rumors rather than a clear message.

The good news is the solution. And the only solution is that every person should be tested to the tune of as many as possible everyday. Bill Gates reveals terrifying Corona Virus threat to the World. But he shouldn’t be blamed for everything over using Microsoft for digitally creating Viruses. Well, we don’t have an anti virus software to remove this human to human transmission of Corona Virus.

A Bit More…

Why this should be talked about? We need to understand the big picture first. Mr Gates is dangerously involved and we need not worry about the outcome and we should prefer to fight against the “Virus”. And this report will definitely create panic. But who can be so brave to say so much about the intentions of the concerned authorities?

It’s not we at inhandwriter but we learned from some reliable sources. The authorities never bother about you and your lives as they need to control all the countries single handedly. It’s high time that we should be more closer to our Creator and worship Him as much as possible.

Still if you’re not satisfied over the coverage from this post then go ahead and do some research. However, it’s not necessary to worry at all as things will calm down soon.

Khalid M Raza

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