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Narendra Modi took huge funds from 3 Muslim Countries, not helped Poor

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Narendra Modi took huge funds to the tune of Millions of dollars and he reportedly took 800 Million dollars from UAE. He also begged huge money from Kuwait and Oman in the name of Indian Muslims. Yet he’s spoiling the image of Indian Muslims using Indian Media fake stories. 

Narendra Modi also collected huge money from all Indians through PM CARES and never helped the poor people. Yes, Narendra Modi took Millions of dollars totaling over a Billion dollar from 3 Muslim Countries. These are Kuwait, Oman and UAE. It’s shameful to know that our PM is named as a beggar.

He’s doing what beggars do. All money collected has been used in the marketing of BJP. And this is not shocking to know because BJP is selfish party and never helps the helpless. Also the BJP govt hides the facts. Previously PM Modi was used to be called as the Tea seller. And after sometime people started calling him watchman or security guard. Rahul Gandhi also taunted him using the words “Chowkidar Chor Hai”.

Narendra Modi using the money of all Indians only for tackling dollar rate otherwise the dollar would have touched more than Rs 90. This is a show off and should be condemned. His leadership over India will lead India towards hunger and poverty. He needs to resign as soon as possible otherwise India will be destroyed.

Khalid M Raza

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