India lockdown to extend from May 3 for couple of Weeks more

India lockdown to extend from May 3 for couple of Weeks more

Deaths in India has been alarmingly on rise but it suggests that India is hiding serious critical cases. Coronavirus in India not very threatening to the people of India as it’s not spreading despite no proper care. However, India lockdown to extend from May 3, which will not be the relieving day. Two more Weeks will be added and Indians will be told to stay at homes because of so many reasons. Firstly, the poor people in India not given priority to get benefited with BJP govt collected funds. BJP govt collected huge funds from foreign countries and from Indians only for their own benefit.  

People of different religions in India helping the poor to the extent of about 20%. But rest of the 80% poor are still suffering. BJP govt has no option left than extending India lockdown for 2 more Weeks. It’s inevitable that Indians are in misguidance over some relieves from the BJP govt.

The jobless middle class told not to pay bank EMIs for 3 months. But what would they do after the end of the 3 month period? How can they arrange money to pay so many bills including bank EMIs? It’s just a worrying aspect for all the Indians including the poor and the higher or lower middle class. The rich are already favored with BJP govt’s policies.  

The total infected Coronavirus cases as on today reached to about 14000 in India. Yet, without India lockdown the Coronavirus spread could’ve been controlled. However, the hungry people are the ones, who are suffering a lot and these include middle class and poor. BJP will hide their failures and come again with their uneducated leader to speak few words. And add two more Weeks to the already panicky India lockdown.

Khalid M Raza

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