40 Crore Poor People in India will die of hunger if corruption never stops

40 Crore Poor People in India will die of hunger if corruption never stops

The BJP govt is currently supplying 10 kg wheat floor to about 5 Crore poor people out of 80 Crore poor Indians. The population of India is about 140 Crores. However, corruption in India grown to such an extent under BJP that poor people getting less quantity of food supplies. It’s shocking to know that the poor people are troubled with corrupt governance that started from Madhya Pradesh. Thus, a few Crores of poor people of about 5 Crores also not benefited rightfully. India do not have just 40 Crore poor people. But if the jobless people are included then the govt needs to serve at least 80 Crore poor people.  

Even if the BJP govt covers large population with food supplies then the corrupt leaders are eating up in between. So, the bereaved poor people are only receiving 7 kg per each family out of 10 kg allotted under the scheme. There’s a big scam issue and BJP is responsible. It’s not just a crime of corruption to supply lesser quantity of wheat floor etc. But it’s a major setback to the poor people in India.

However, if the govt supplies ration to card holders only then 5 Crore poor people will be benefited. And these people are still suffering as they’re receiving lesser quantity of food supply.

Politics in India has become a business and BJP leaders still making lots of money under the lockdown. If the corrupt BJP govt uses media for only their show off then it will be miserable for all Indians. There are chances that at least 40 Crore poor people will die of hunger. Leave aside the infectious Coronavirus.

Khalid M Raza

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