Ramadan is month to learn more about Islam for following Islam better

Ramadan is month to learn more about Islam for following Islam better

Ramadan is not just a month for every Muslim to worship and be rewarded. Fasting is additional in the month of Ramadan for pious Muslims even though the pious fast on normal days also. Fasting in Ramadan is compulsory and have good rewards. Muslims need not consider Ramadan as that Month in which they should keep away from sinning. But, Muslims should learn the way of life that they experienced in the month of Ramadan.  

Muslims will be rewarded with more in this month whenever they do good deeds. Ramadan is month for the Muslims to learn Qura’n and learn Sahi hadith to follow Islam righteously. Muslims cannot worship only in the month of Ramadan and commit sins after the month is over.

This way is not right as every Muslim should know. If you love the month of Ramadan then carry on practicing Islam even after the month is over. Every Muslim should consider that he or she is blessed with this month to get more rewards. Rewards achieved should not be left after the end of the month of Ramadan.

Know More About Ramadan is Month to Learn Good

This summer poor Muslims are fasting and bearing the heat even at their homes. However, the rich Muslims have AC and also they’re not going out for the reason of lock-down due to Coronavirus. They’re also praying at homes instead of praying in Mosques. Whatever best the rich and the poor Muslims do in this month of Ramadan needs to be carried forward. Ramadan is month that comes once in every year for you to get rewards for fasting and for doing good deeds.

So, we should avoid major and minor sins even after the month of Ramadan. We’ve experienced Ramadan because we’re still alive. And after Ramadan if we die committing sins then our learned good deeds. And praying regularly the 5 time prayers including reciting of Qura’n will be wasted. Be a responsible Muslim even after the month of Ramadan.  

Do charity in this month and help the poor even if it’s difficult for you to reach the poor during lock-down. You’re restricted to move out from your homes unnecessarily but you can help the poor in any possible way. Get the most out of this Ramadan. Ramadan is month to worship as much as possible and continue your worshiping even after it flies away.

You practice praying 5 times prayers and even the Tahajjud and seek forgiveness from your Lord. You also do good deeds like charity and controlling your anger along with being polite. So, what’s wrong if you continue to do so even after Ramadan. If not all good deeds but some good deeds including not committing any sins and praying regularly.

Khalid M Raza

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