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Narendra Modi ignoring Coronavirus cases rise in India to over 30000

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Prime Minister of India is Narendra Damordas Modi. He’s blind and keeping his eyes closed. Experts believe that simply Narendra Modi ignoring Coronavirus cases that are rising in India. Officially the figure of Coronavirus cases is touching 30000 and about thousand deaths. Unofficially the figure of Coronavirus cases and deaths is much more and it’s time to act rightfully. Lock down is good but the poor people are hungry and they should be fed properly.

PM Modi is playing politics in the way that suits his life term membership in RSS and encouraging his BJP IT cell. And they’re creating fake stories. The criminal activities that BJP has been doing since 2014 is atrocious.

The behavior of the PM is not acceptable as he’s ignoring what’s happening in India. Poor people are not fed and neither given support to live at least a normal life. The poor people are on the receiving end and are committed to live the way the BJP govt wants them to. It’s highly condemned that Narendra Modi ignoring Coronavirus cases and avoiding testing, which are highly required. More tests of Coronavirus can make sense to find out more people affected with this infectious disease.

The master fascism is playing his politics in such a way that when truth comes out he’ll be punished. However, the Supreme Court is supporting Narendra Modi to do whatever he wants to. But people of India will not bear him for another year and he’ll be kicked out in 2021. This is a warning that many intellectuals are coming forward with. The time for the rise of the fall of BJP is not so far.

Khalid M Raza

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