New Muslim Khadeeja from UAE says Ramadan is her favorite Month

New Muslim Khadeeja from UAE says Ramadan is her favorite Month

Khadeeja is yet another converted Muslim among many converts as Islam is the fastest growing religion because of peace. She said that she finds peace and pleasure in worshiping the Alimighty. It also includes that UAE presents an environment for complete devotion to Allah (Khaleejtimes).  

Khadeeja’s previous name was Shirley Rodriguez. After accepting Islam she changed her name. She is Spanish Cuban and she was born to a catholic family. She wants to be fully connected and closer to the Almighty Allah. Muslims worship the Unseen Almighty Allah alone as their One and Only God. All that exists or not belongs to the Almighty that the Muslims believe firmly. Their faith is so important that they can sacrifice anything for their purpose of worshiping. Muslims also believe in all the messengers sent to Mankind to teach Islam.

Islam is a true religion since over fourteen hundred years as the last messenger of Allah is Mohammed (PBUH). Muslims are increasing in population because of thousands of converts every year upon the teachings of Mohammed (PBUH). Non Muslims learn Qura’n and the teachings of the final messenger and accept Islam.

New Muslim Khadeeja Speaks a bit about Islam 

It’s impossible for any non Muslim after learning about Islam that he or she will not accept Islam. If anyone knows Islam then he or she will definitely follow Islam. “It was during Ramadan that we first landed in UAE, And I could feel signs of Islam”. Said Khadeeja.  

The call for prayer from the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque pleased her. “I first heard of the call for prayer during Fajr time. It was one of the most special experiences of my life. I didn’t understand the call for prayer (Azan) but I slept in peace. I visited the Grand Mosque, which was very special for me”.

She completed her media internship in Dubai and returned to London but she missed something. “I had job and family but I felt something was missing – that’s Allah.

She also started wearing hijab. “I have left my bikini back. It all happened step by step and have come from my heart. Allah knows it’s genuine. This Ramadan I’m trying to do everything as perfect as possible”. She expressed her feelings to the Khaleej Times. Khadeeja has stopped working in bank and looking for a job in media. She was a journalist by profession. Now she wants to go back to journalism being a good Muslim.

Note: Khadeeja has not permitted us to use her photograph for this post. Please bear with us as we’ve to use a different photo for this Post. Thanks.

Khalid M Raza

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