Narendra Modi to be sanctioned for his atrocities over Indian Muslims

Narendra Modi to be sanctioned for his atrocities over Indian Muslims

The word “sanctioned” here means that what was happened to Narendra Modi after Gujarat violence will happen again. His visa ban to the US was a well known fact and that was an effort to teach him a lesson. He did not learned from his mistakes. And so the same US High Commission likely to put restrictions on him over his trips to US. Narendra Modi to be sanctioned for his atrocities over Indian Muslims is just not a small step. It degrades the BJP and Narendra Modi and puts him on the back foot. Still he’ll not learn from his mistakes.  

A hypocrite cannot be the leader of a country to rule with justice. And so Narendra Modi to be sanctioned against his fascism is nothing like a big step too. It’s so because all the Muslim countries are calling him a fascist. And the Almighty Allah will show him over his disbelieve that he’s a corrupt leader to the entire world. This is likely to happen sooner or later but let’s not forget that we need to fight against Coronavirus together. US High Commission is not a superior authority but the best planner is the Almighty. Now, we can understand that the luxury life of Narendra Modi will end soon.

 Narendra Modi to be Finished Soon

There’s no way for the Muslims in India to take the sanctions over Narendra Modi for his visa ban etc as something big. Indians have been used to see all the oppression and troubles to Indian Muslims since 2014. And this makes them to think that Narendra Modi will continue carrying out more attacks over Indian Muslims. It’s not that way as each Country in the world has religious freedom. Despite there’s Islamic law in countries like Saudi Arabia, there’s not even a minor case of religious discrimination.

Yes, Non Muslims in Saudi Arabia cannot eat and drink publicly during the month of Ramadan on fasting hours. But they’re not troubled there.

All’s not well in India. And it’s going to end the fascism era of Narendra Modi and the BJP. Let’s not take this as a major setback to BJP because justice for Indian Muslims will be done with or without anybody’s support. God knows the best and He’s always watching.

Khalid M Raza

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