Coronavirus fake reports of Bio attack circulating to create confusion

Coronavirus fake reports of Bio attack circulating to create confusion

With everything going online from work at home to much more, the social media is full of Coronavirus fake reports. Conspiracy experts are coming up with videos and audios to make fake awareness to the people. They also claim that Coronavirus is a Bio attack and not a natural calamity. It’s important to discuss about this issue a bit to disclose facts.  

The figures or number of cases as reported from USA, Spain, Italy and then UK and France suggest something meaningful. These countries are cold weather ridden and also they allowed social life for a time. There was no social distancing in these countries and this led them towards affecting with large number of cases. WHO (World Health Organization) declared Coronavirus as pandemic.

Pandemic means the Virus is global and can affect any country. Various countries, who took late action to fight against Coronavirus includes India too. But, the most affected countries are none other than USA, Italy, Spain, France and UK.  

Not only weather played key role in the above mentioned countries for Coronavirus but also social distancing not maintained initially. That made Coronavirus or COVID-19 to grow rapidly in these countries.

Coronavirus Fake Reports Circulating & More… 

Coronavirus fake reports circulating a lot in the social media. There’s no such claims of the infectious disease to be a planned Bio attack. Many Islamic websites are also talking about the end of the world or so. But, it’s unclear still to come over to the conclusion that the Almighty wants to end the world. However, Coronavirus might be an Azaab or wrath for the corrupt people on earth.

Earthquakes, floods and lava do occur sometimes as the signs for the corrupt people to believe in the Almighty. This might also another calamity for the people of the world to wake up. And we cannot be mislead over Coronavirus fake reports circulating in social media as a Bio attack.

A Bit More…

Muslims believe that everything happens with the Will of the Almighty. And there’s no doubt about it. People are taking so many precautions and staying at their homes for days and more. This is good way to keep away from the spread of this pandemic. We are told to take precautions and stay at our homes, do worship at homes, and rest will be taken care of.

Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) saw a man wanting to meet him having infectious disease. And the prophet did not come closer to that man. And told him to go for the treatment and also did not shake hands with him. In another Hadith a man was leaving the camel untied and was going to some other place. The Prophet (PBUH) told him to tie the camel first and keep faith in the Almighty when the man said: “I trust Allah and so I left the camel untied”. Prayers and worshiping do help us but at the same time we need to get the treatment or precautions.

With all our efforts we conclude that Coronavirus fake reports circulating should not be believed. Wait for some time and the truth will come out.

Khalid M Raza

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