Look for 6 days fasting in Shawwal after entire Ramadan fasting

Look for 6 days fasting in Shawwal after entire Ramadan fasting

Many Muslims might be enjoying a day off (Eid) with all fresh hot delicious meals and tea in the daytime. They’ve not experienced such a day since a month long fasting of Ramadan. They might be relaxed or some might be sleeping now during this big day’s afternoon. However, the rewards they got with their month long fasting is unknown same as they know not their time of deaths. If you look for 6 days fasting in Shawwal then you might get the reward of fasting an entire year. Refer to Sahi Hadiths.

Shawwal is the month that starts after the month of Ramadan. And 6 days of fasting in Shawwal is as good as fasting the entire year only if you do fast all days of Ramadan. Remember if you keep some patience for only 6 days in Shawwal then you’re doing a world of good for yourselves. Seek for good rewards in this world and hereafter.

Let’s not forget that COVID-19 or Coronavirus has been spoiling our future. But what about our endless future after death? Do we not look for 6 days fasting in Shawwal to get benefited with more rewards. That’s so true and authentic that you never know if your intentions are good enough then you can easily cope up with 6 days fasts.

Look for 6 Days fasting in Shawwal & More

It will also make sense as such you’re habituated of waking up for Suhoor for a little meal. Suhoor starts at around 3:30 AM IST and ends at about 4:15 AM IST. You know that and have a months fasting experience too and so you’ll have to just fast only 6 days. Feel blessed after you enjoy Iftar (Breaking time of fast) at 6:45 PM IST and ask for all the good you want from your Lord.

Pay attention now and if this month passes by then you’ve to wait for an year again. Who knows you’ll experience another Ramadan and Shawwal? Be honest to yourselves and think for a while when you already know the bounty of the rewards waiting for you.

Believe in the Almighty and ask for all the good in this world and ask for keeping yourselves away from committing sins. If you’re away from sins then you’re most expected to be away from joining sinners in the hell. Hell is the most painful dwelling for sometime and you cannot bear it even for a single day. Prepare ‘O believers for the hereafter and think the life of this world as a test and do good deeds.

Spread peace and be polite and humble. Make yourselves as good Muslims and obey our Lord and obey our Prophet Mohammed (PBUH). Hence, look for 6 days fasting in Shawwal.

Khalid M Raza

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