Telangana people warned of heat waves till June begins to avoid sudden deaths

Telangana people warned of heat waves till June begins to avoid sudden deaths

Telangana people warned of severe heat wave as less they travel the better they live indoor. However, grocery stores are functioning. And people warned not to come out of their homes in this severe heat for 4-5 days. People if travel out with frustrations of staying at homes for long time are most likely to get sunstroke.

No mention of COVID-19 or Coronavirus addressed here from the Telangana govt. Meanwhile the increase of COVID-19 cases are unstoppable in Telangana too because of traveling people. People do travel more than 5 km and meet their friends & relatives and this results in increase of COVID-19 cases. The severe heat wave is better as a result to keep the people at homes. 

At least the Telangana people have been habituated of staying at homes. About 10% or more are equally habituated of traveling on roads to form gatherings in certain areas. This is troublesome to the govt and Telangana people, who can infect other people with whom they meet.

The warning is for the better of all the people in Telangana State to remain at homes for 4-5 days. It’s very dangerous to be out on roads during the flowing severe heat waves under scorching sun. Govt respects the sentiments of the people of Telangana but at the same time people should avoid going out from their homes.

Telangana State govt is currently dealing with COVID-19 cases. And also the govt warned outcome of moving around in the heat waves. Sudden possible deaths are likely to occur if people never listen to the warning.

Better to stay at homes than unnecessary travel. If you’ve eggs then why go out to buy meat? Likewise there are many alternatives that the people can utilize and stay at their homes.

Khalid M Raza

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