Saturday, December 9, 2023
Donald Trump claimed USA passed 15 Million COVID-19 tests & more news

Donald Trump claimed USA passed 15 Million COVID-19 tests & more news

“We are acting as a Police Force. And not as the fighting force that we were in Afghanistan. After 19 years it’s time for Afghanistan to police their own country. We brought our soldiers back home…”. And so on said Trump. Also Donald Trump claimed that USA passed over 15,000,000 COVID-19 tests today. He’s optimistic that USA will be free from COVID-19 crises soon. However, Donald Trump claimed and blamed Barrack Obama during this month frequently. Earlier he told that Obama govt was most corrupt.

He used the hashtag on Twitter as Obama-Gates and made himself eligible to continue his leadership. However, Afghanistan dismissed several requests from USA for freeing the troops. Later, the Taliban was convinced and that made USA to be thankful to Afghanistan. Now, the USA is behaving in another way. But, Afghanistan still stood to ignore the false claims of USA during this present time.

Donald Trump also blamed left stream media. He said: “The radical left lame-stream media, together with their partner, the do nothing democrats are trying to spread a new narrative. President Trump was slow in reacting to COVD-19. Wrong! I was very fast. Even doing the Ban on China long before anybody thought necessarily!”.

Donald Trump Claimed USA will Overcome COVID-19 Crises

Donald Trump wants to win elections again and most of the Americans are currently in favor of Trump govt. This means that next leader of USA will be hopefully Trump again. USA has crossed over 15 Million COVID-19 tests. But it is very sad to know that USA’s number of COVID-19 deaths also crossed 100 thousand. The fight against the pandemic in USA is not that good according to experts.

Donald Trump was criticized for many of his attempts to control the spread of the virus. Trump is furious over his critics and sometimes behaves childish. However, his honesty shouldn’t be ignored. He also warned India earlier for retaliation and India submitted and bowed down to USA. And fulfilled the requirement of America as requested.

This U turn from India hurt many Indians as BJP govt was Criticized a lot. The pills were delivered to USA. And later found that what India delivered to America as per wishes of Donald Trump were not the treatment drugs.

So, still a much benefiting medication is required for the COVID-19 patients. And a vaccine to come out for the fight against COVID-19 or eliminate COVID-19 is still not prepared. Thus, what Donald Trump claimed over the COVID-19 tests is worthy of fighting against the Virus. The more tests a country does the more better to fight against the virus. The experts from around the world also claim this.

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