Thursday, November 30, 2023
Early rainfall in Hyderabad expected to shower heavily for first 3 days

Early rainfall in Hyderabad expected to shower heavily for first 3 days

Early rainfall is expected to cover heat waves for a period of 3 days. Hyderabad weather forecast is typical and not as usual. The rainfall will be early to start from June 3 or 4 and last for 3 consecutive days. And from there the weather might shift gears. That means bright sunshine will again create heat waves from second week of June.  

And from the second week of June the nights will be a bit colder and the days will be hot. The research over the forecast for Hyderabad weather looks sound. Weather might shift gears more from the month of July. Thus, the concern over Corona virus or COVID-19 will frighten people more. This is so because of the occurrence of flu, running nose and cough during the rainfall.

Hyderabad people are henceforth requested not to be on roads during the rainy season. If they get wet in the rains then they might be in deep trouble. So, it’s better to stay at homes then climb too far to be on roads this rainy season. Remember, if you get flu then you would be concerned more.  

Your family members also will be concerned even if they find you suffering from minor fever. Take good care until the end of this year. Next year will be 2021. Who knows what good news the new year 2021 will bring? Let’s not forget that COVID-19 cases in India are increasing as each day passes by. Be calm and be healthy. Early rainfall is better.

Khalid M Raza

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