Mango prices go down as summer going to end with start of rainfall

Mango prices go down as summer going to end with start of rainfall

Don’t worry to be at home all the time. Just come out once in a week to buy your food items. And don’t forget to purchase mangoes as mango prices slashed now. We’re so bothered about our home cleaning and cooking at homes that we often forget about what’s going on. The market is wide open online and we need to consider still shopping outdoor. Cloth stores including your tailor shops are also open currently in this COVID-19 crises. It’s necessary for all of us to do some shopping in order to increase the flow of money. This in return helps small and medium businesses to thrive.  

Mango prices are below par. 1 KG of “Benishan” is priced at Rs 40, 1 KG of Rassal is priced at Rs 50. And there are many other varieties of mangoes that you can catch up with the mentioned varieties. Why not consume seasonal fruits as they appear only once in a year?

Let’s do bring mangoes and enjoy at our homes because we have not much to enjoy. The “lockdown” is not that bad as you can still go out for necessary shopping. Don’t get frustrated to be at home always because of the pandemic. And at the same time be cautious and do take precautions. Bring home mangoes and wash them well before consuming to feel the taste. You choicest fruits during this crises not available and so be not that selective.

You’ll say later that “Oh mangoes disappeared so quickly”. Don’t regret later with shocking faces.

Khalid M Raza

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