Why Narendra Modi silent as killings of Indian Soldiers concern Indians?

Why Narendra Modi silent as killings of Indian Soldiers concern Indians?

Chinese soldiers have killed & injured Indian soldiers in Ladakh! Why Narendra Modi silent ? Why Indian media never demands for surgical strikes? Where is Mohan Bhagwat’s RSS Army? These questions needs to be answered as soon as possible because Indians can’t see their soldiers troubled more.  

Chinese soldiers already entered Indian territory more than a month back. Our Prime Minister Narendra Modi silent now. He thinks keeping Indians unnoticed over many issues can help BJP to grab more States. Politics has no religion in India but Narendra Modi “religionized” his leadership to keep Indians ignore his failures.

He’s corrupt as all experts say. And he never bothers about poor people in India & about Indian soldiers. He’s expert in playing divide & rule games. Moreover, he’s also expert in ignoring the troubles Indians face including the poor. This is so because the majority is mainly given importance for boosting BJP’s vote bank. Majority of Indians are Hindus and they’re just waiting & watching.

India was not peaceful even under the leadership of Congress govt but BJP is openly doing atrocities to the minorities. And these games pleasing the BJP followers and particularly the followers of Modi & Shah. It will be now and never if Narendra Modi silent over the atrocities to the Indian soldiers then all Indians will never forgive him.

The Chinese soldiers are currently troubling Indian soldiers and our main concern is to fightback. Why not we do? We can teach China a strong lesson if Narendra Modi opens up. And he should not create fake surgical strikes because it’s all about fighting for Indian soldiers. And nothing more.

Khalid M Raza

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