Friday, December 1, 2023
Salaries still paid half to electricity dept workers as windy rains continue

Salaries still paid half to electricity dept workers as windy rains continue

Windy rains continue to surround Hyderabad. But salaries still paid half to the busy electricity department workers. Workers are doing their duty to make sure there are no power cuts. They’re doing their duty since more than couple of months. Their hard work still ignored. And they still paid lesser than they deserve and this is a concern that inhandwriter brings to the notice of TS govt. Telangana State (TS) Chief Minister KCR needs to know about the hard work of electricity dept workers.  

It’s unfair to target govt employees for the reason of supporting the poor people. Poor people should be supported and the reports of poor people suffering of hunger still doing the rounds. However, the families of electricity dept workers troubled since the workers paid half of their salaries. Why the electricity dept workers appeal in large numbers as the reports come to us regarding their salaries still paid half ? The answer to this question needs to be known as soon as possible.

The workers doing hard work to ensure no power cuts in Hyderabad and across Telangana State. The request to the TS govt is not for increasing the salaries of electricity dept but to make them pleased. They’ll be pleased if their salaries not paid to them with 50% cuts.

This is so because who will help them to pay for their household expenses? Electricity department workers deserve to be paid more than their salaries. This is because of the rising prices of the commodities. And they’ve to bear this with their household expenses. Workers doing hard work even if they’re govt employees. Points need to be noted.

Khalid M Raza

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