Indian Rupee standings at Rs 95 as BJP buys dollar to make it Rs 75 per $

Indian Rupee standings at Rs 95 as BJP buys dollar to make it Rs 75 per $

Analysts reported that the central bank has been adding to its reserves to guard Indian rupee against dollar. It’s again likely to see the downgrade in India’s credit rating. And to ensure a bigger transfer of surplus to the revenue-starved government. The BJP govt is revenue hungry and still keeping Indian rupee standings at Rs 75 despite inside reports of Rs 95 per dollar. Amazing factors also indicate these tactics interesting to know. However, the rise of fall of Indian rupee still goes on.  

Once BJP loses the elections in 2024 then it would be tough for any other govt to revive the economy. And if BJP wins again then poverty and joblessness will further increase. The amount of money in billions of dollars spent for show off never going to help India’s progress.

The setbacks clearly seen over and again with the poor show of Indian rupee standings against dollar. Jobless youth are afraid of doing even small businesses because of COVID-19 crises. This saved BJP from answering the people for the downfall of India’s economy since 2014. Previously it was a known fact that India’s economy was used to be the fastest growing among all countries. But, times have changed and an uneducated govt controlling India towards nowhere.

Indians used to be respected more around the World and used to be known as the most talented people. Foreign countries still firing Indians and many NRIs planning to return India. And this will again create a horrible situation next year. It’s do or die situation for BJP to please the people of India. But, they’re in their own believes to make politics as their business. Collapse of rupee matters to them only for show off.

Khalid M Raza

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