Indians freely moving on streets to create problems of COVID-19 widespread

Indians freely moving on streets to create problems of COVID-19 widespread

It’s good that there’s no further lockdown in India for at least a month or two. Indians freely moving around streets for no valid or constructive reason is a major worry. COVID-19 or Coronavirus might be eradicated soon from the entire World. How long it will take is also worrying fact. Precautions are necessary for all Indians currently and for a COVID-19 free India. India is among the top 5 most affected COVID-19 countries in the World on grounds of number of cases. India is near to 3 lac cases and number of deaths from COVID-19 also alarmingly increasing. 

Earlier, the news of new COVID-19 cases come to us through World-o-meters. Time gone so fast that news of new cases coming our way from our friends and relatives too. Most of the cases alarmingly increasing in different localities in India. Many apartments in Hyderabad and other cities already sealed because of COVID-19 patients. Therefore, it’s good for the people of India to act sensibly.

And never come out of their homes for minor or not so emergency reasons. Indians freely moving around streets bothering not too much to the govt because of money circulation to revive economy. Well, BJP never tried to revive India’s economy since 2014 and the crises after crises making things worse.

COVID-19 deaths in India currently stands at 8143 and number of COVID-19 cases touching almost 3 lac. Henceforth, it’s our duty to remain wherever we’re and never try to move around just to meet people for group discussions. It makes sense that even if the govt never bothers about your safety. It’s highly necessary for you to be at homes for longtime.

Khalid M Raza

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