No more lockdowns in India after Delhi confirms no more Delhi Lockdowns

No more lockdowns in India after Delhi confirms no more Delhi Lockdowns

Here, some debatable reports about no more lockdowns in India. Well, the Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal just played his card on Twitter. He told there are no plans for any lockdown extension. Delhi is one of the most affected part of India from Corona virus. Fearing a spike in the cases of Corona virus to increase rapidly in Delhi in 15 days, people of desired lockdown. However, Arvind Kejriwal dismissed these demands as rumors and will continue normal life on the streets of Delhi. The shops and almost all businesses are open in Delhi and other parts of India.  

It means India is looking forward for the benefit of the people with advise of precautions to live normal life. So, there might be no more lockdowns in India. It was learned. The idea of no more lockdowns in India is a welcome move and beyond that domestic travel also necessary.

People are held in other parts of India should get a relief as it’s necessary for the BJP govt to reopen train services. Many laborers will move across India and that will be better for their daily wages for better lives. Middle class also demands train services to reopen as there are no plans for any further lockdowns in India.   

No More Lockdowns in India?

It’s a precarious situation for the BJP govt. And more than that the demand for train services across India to reopen has created confusion. Some online channels reporting passenger trains to reopen soon posts. And that makes no sense as the govt should also come forward to speak upon the passenger train service issues.

The more time the train services put on hold the worst it will be for people of India for being in virtual lockdown. Thus, if there are plans for no more lockdowns in India then why not the govt provide special train services. This step will only help the people to return back to their native places or move around for better work.

Tamil Nadu CM imposes Complete Lock Down. This is what we learned just now as Tamil Nadu CM wants safety measures to benefit people. And bothering not about benefits from businesses and travel services. Thus, it resulted as a good move. And these kind of steps should also be taken occasionally in other States too.

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