You’re hurt even if you pray 5 times then pray 2 Rakat Nawfil for good

You’re hurt even if you pray 5 times then pray 2 Rakat Nawfil for good

Guys you don’t need to worry if for any reason you’re hurt anytime even if you pray 5 times regularly. Immediately at anytime whenever you’re hurt pray 2 Rakat nawfil as Allah is always with you. And Allah is watching us. There’s nothing wrong with you when other people you care for hurt you as they might be busy. In some cases, you’re hurt because your loved ones’ busy schedule makes you believe that you’re ignored. If you get thoughts that makes you feel that your calls not get answered then don’t worry. Pray 2 rakat Nawfil and you’ll be in a state of Islam and much more relaxed. This is so because you’re doing good when you’re ignored.  

You’re hurt then do ablution and…  

Allah the Almighty never ignores your 2 rakats. And this is because our Prophet (PBUH) used to pray 2 rakat Nawfil when he used to be tense. Practice Islam the way our Prophet (PBUH) shown us to follow and be happy always. Cheers to you for reading this simple post to know the way of relieving yourself from your tense mind.

Almighty is always Merciful and He will guide you the proper way to live happy life. This is so because our Lord the Almighty and the Creator of the Worlds never likes you to be sad. Don’t be sad for the sake of Allah.

In Urdu, many scholars say that “Mayoos na hona kabhi aur Allah ka Shukr karte Rehna”. This means don’t be sad because you need to be thankful to the Almighty always. And in any condition you’re going through in this worldly short life. Good times might come or not but you’ll taste death for sure.

When someone, who loves you smiles at you and you prefer to show him your sad face then is it right? No because in this way your Lord loves you more than 70 times your mother loves you. Henceforth, try to pray 2 Rakat whenever someone hurts you. You’ll be relaxed and will be in total peace. There’s nothing to worry at all.

Khalid M Raza

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